Session ID: 

Compete, Succeed AND Live Your Values

2:30pm - 3:30pm Tuesday, March 6
Las Vegas - Venetian Convention Center
Marcello 4405


This session shares an experience of a $1 billion healthcare system, and illustrates to those on the front line of driving meaningful change in healthcare that change comes from creating a culture ready, willing and capable of doing what it takes to make real change happen. This talk centers on Values-Based Leadership and demonstrates that this is not simply a noble idea, but a distinct competitive advantage and that when leaders choose to operate from a values-based system, they not only empower their people and significantly benefit the community around them, but also deliver beyond expected results. This session addresses the importance of viewing success through the eyes of the user, how to set internal standards for behavior and performance to build the trust required for true innovation, where failures in the process and measurements of success occur and what is required of leaders personally to lead for this kind of significant gain.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Respond to the need for national healthcare improvement by moving beyond financial expectations of shareholders and looking outward to the needs and wellbeing of all stakeholders; the employees, the patients and the broader community and world at large
  • Propose 3 critical guardrails for leaders to lean on through the hard path of leading meaningful change- Courage, Discipline and Durability
  • Explain the mindset and behaviors of leaders that foster a culture of innovation
  • Identify specific criteria for setting measurement goals so leadership teams and organizations can rethink what matters, drives results, and create the change our national healthcare needs


Chief Executive Officer Emeritus,
Gundersen Health System