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Commitment to Results: The Essential Clinical Dataset

12:00pm - 1:00pm Friday, February 15
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


Most organizations have over-designed their EHRs resulting in a lot of “noise” and non-value-added data elements. With technology changing the tides of healthcare, an evolution has taken place within the industry. Hospitals and healthcare systems are seeking ways to optimize their EHRs. For many organizations, this means looking at the roles who use the EHR most often--particularly nurses, who are the largest user group. This session focuses on the collaboration to establish an essential clinical data set standard and highlights the results, including reduced time executing admission history, reduced number of clicks and higher utilization of data elements.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Explain the three-pronged approach and methodology for determining the essential clinical dataset (ECD)
  • Define the ECD for nursing admission history documentation
  • Describe how the ECD can be used as a foundation for nursing documentation optimization for your organization


System Vice President, Chief Nursing Information Officer,
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems
Vice President,
Cerner Corporation


Nurse, CNO, CNIO