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Census Reporting and Clinical Pathway Management to Optimize Patient Care

11:15am - 11:45am Friday, February 15
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


Part I: Reduction of Work Effort for Census Notification Patient Access Services (PAS) at HSS is tasked with bed management for more than 18,500 orthopedic inpatient surgeries annually, requiring close monitoring of bed utilization to accommodate patient volume. After the implementation of Epic, operational & IT leadership looked for a way to leverage new technology to transform the bed planning process at HSS. Part II: Clinical Pathway Management At HSS, clinical pathways are procedure-specific post op order sets that coordinate and standardize care. They are made up of time based goals/milestones for interdisciplinary care of a defined patient group and were created to reduce variation in care and increase value for similar patient groups. Pathway performance is measured as pathway length of stay (LOS) adherence. To improve pathway adherence, an interdisciplinary project team was chartered to determine top contributors to adherence and implement operational changes.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Manage pathway performance using data analytics and medical record systems
  • Evaluate benefits associated with pathway performance improvement
  • Create system changes
  • Proactively manage the anticipated patient capacity volume
  • Design a training module the simplified the reporting process


Manager, Patient Access Services,
Hospital For Special Surgery
Assistant Director Clinical Applications,
Hospital For Special Surgery


Management Engineer and Process Improvement Prof.
Physician, CMO, CMIO
Quality Professional