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CDS to Change Management: Reducing Catheter-Associated UTIs

4:00pm - 5:00pm Wednesday, March 7
Las Vegas - Venetian Convention Center
Galileo 901


In 2016, Carilion Clinic—a health system comprising seven hospitals—recognized the opportunity for quality improvement in reducing the prolonged use of urinary catheters among multiple specialties and initiated a study as part of a program to curb CAUTI morbidity and mortality. Carilion developed a 3-fold strategy combining EHR reminders, automated clinical data analytics and a change management team and aimed at reducing the duration of UC utilization. First, a hospital-wide EHR-based e-reminder was implemented at the health system’s 800-bed tertiary care center. This was supported by leveraging CPI solutions to provide self-service access to the data captured by the EHR on clinician responses and other clinical factors relevant to the continued use or removal of UCs. This session will outline the behavior change processes Carilion found to be effective, how they were applied to CAUTI along with the results, and the plan to roll out these processes across the enterprise.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify effective processes that can be implemented to drive and manage scalable clinician behavior change
  • Explain the methods applied to achieve measurable quality improvement that target hospital-acquired infections
  • Illustrate the importance of understanding what information can be captured and measured to standardize and improve clinical processes


Infectious Disease,
Carilion Clinic