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Care Without Boundaries: Using Standards to Automate Data, Knowledge and Process Exchange across a Federated Landscape

1:30pm - 2:30pm Tuesday, March 10
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center
Hall E - Booth 8300 - Education Theater


 Healthcare standards are critical to overcoming system, role and geographical boundaries that currently exist today. They do this by 1) collecting, standardizing and exchanging individual records across a federated data landscape; 2) evaluating these records against executable knowledge artifacts (e.g., clinical decision support rules); and, 3) using standardized data and best practices for the automated execution of processes, workflows, clinical pathways and protocols to inform cross-boundary activities such as care coordination. This session will focus on the incorporation of the standards for terminology (LOINC, SNOMED CT), data exchange (HL7 FHIR®), process automation (BPM+ Health) and knowledge endpoints (CQL, CDS-Hooks) to automate the delivery of best practice guidelines across the patient’s journey to make healthcare cheaper, better, faster and more satisfying for all stakeholders. 

Learning Objectives

  • Aggregate, standardize and optimize patient data to drive interoperability, computations, automation and analytics.
  • Invoke third party endpoints, such as clinical decision support rules expressed through a CDS-Hooks interface.
  • Demonstrate the orchestration and automation of clinical practice guidelines using full technology stack modeling and process engineering standards.
  • Provide reusable business process models and executable knowledge artifacts that automate menial human tasks in healthcare workflows.
  • Share models that operate with population health science at the individual patient level.



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