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Candid Discussion on Reducing Health Inequities: Is Technology the Answer?

11:30am - 12:30pm Thursday, March 12
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


Significant effort and funding have been allocated to addressing the challenges represented by Social Determinants of Health.  Previous approaches have met with limited success due to a lack of coordination and deployment of point solutions, which fail to address the issues within affected communities.  Furthermore, effort-driven approaches lack breadth of information and perspective on the issues they are attempting to analyze.  
This session will focus on how to disrupt the market by developing a safe, trusted consumer centric health experience.  This experience is key to creating an environment conducive to bending the curve in cost of care and improving health outcomes.  A panel of leading industry experts, each of whom is active in driving new approaches to sustainable change, will discuss challenges and solutions in areas such as:
• How health inequities, malaise policies and access to care barriers contribute to rising maternal and infant mortality among African Americans and how community programs can help turn the tide
• How diffusion of technologies to rural populations remains stagnant and contribute to poor outcomes and how programs can be developed to overcome these limitations
• How collaboration with trust brokers and community partners can extend the impact of health programs in specific communities

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the parts of person-centered solution for an SDoH barrier
  • Compare and contrast their own strategies, approaches, and solutions with that of the end-to-end, person-centered model
  • Assess existing gaps in their own models for SDoH intervention
  • Select and suggest areas and activities for improvement in their SDoH program upon return to their organizations
  • Implement a method to determine that new solutions are person-centered


Aetna Foundation
Principal Deputy Administrator for Policy & Operations,
Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services
Senior Manager,
VP, Care Coord, Medicaid/Vulnerable Pop,
Kaiser Permanente

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Advocacy Grp Focus on Pt, Family Mbr, Caregiver
Chief Quality, Chief Clin Transformation Officer