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Can Information and Technology, Nursing, and Informatics Shape Operations? A Case Study

2:30pm - 3:30pm Wednesday, February 13
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


Can systems shape operations? We are often told that information and technology systems need to support clinical operations, but what does that really mean and how is that achieved when clinical operations are not yet in place? A unique case study that pushes the theory of information and technology and its role in supporting operations is the opening of a greenfield American quaternary medical center in the Middle East. From its inception, information technology paved the critical path to opening and provided the framework for discussions on how hospital operations and processes would be developed. This session will explore how information technology provided this framework for nursing and clinical informatics and how they in turn partnered with information technology to develop the EMR build and their operational policies, procedures and workflows as well as processes for when staff were on-boarded, trained and ultimately practiced in this greenfield hospital in the Middle East.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Demonstrate the advantages of information and technology, informatics and clinical partnerships during an EMR implementation
  • Create a strategy for robust relationships with departments where strong partnerships are not the norm
  • Identify the opportunities within organizations for managing the issues that arise within greenfield projects
  • Apply their learnings to their own organizations as information and technology, clinical informatics and nursing work together
  • Identify the challenges of opening a “first of its kind” American healthcare system in the Middle East


Division Director, Clinical Informatics,
Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) Texas Division, St Luke's...
Director, Clinical Education, Practice and Informatics,
Kaiser Permanente


Nurse, CNO, CNIO