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Burnout: How EHR Usability Improves Efficiency and Satisfaction

2:30pm - 3:30pm Thursday, February 14
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


Michigan Medicine’s commitment to reduce and eliminate the stressors of provider burnout led to a productive look at how the organization’s ambulatory faculty were being supported to improve year-over-year efficiency and proficiency with their EHR. This initial investigation uncovered a “training desert” relying on non-personal email tip sheets and elearnings that were not seen of value to these faculty members. As a result, improvements to overall usability of MiChart were limited and increasingly, the EHR was referenced as a primary driver of burnout. Based on faculty’s expressed need to have a diverse portfolio of educational offerings (to address unique learning styles) delivered by individuals who were fluent in specialized, clinic workflows (vs. generic, functionally-focused curriculum), Michigan Medicine developed a comprehensive Usability and Continuous Improvement program that balanced both the “what” and “how” of continuous learning.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Analyze the stressors of provider burnout that can be addressed through a sustained usability training program
  • Discuss the key components of a provider-centric usability training program
  • Describe the partnership between Elite Provider Trainers and Provider Champions that promotes a provider-fluent training environment
  • Follow the 5-step approach to implement a sustained usability training program in one’s own organization


Associate CMIO, Ambulatory and Assistant Professor Internal Medicine/Pediatrics,
Michigan Medicine
The Chartis Group


Clinical Informaticists