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Breaking Data Silos to Make Healthcare Work Better

3:00pm - 4:00pm Tuesday, March 10
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


Fragmented care has pushed data into silos limiting the tools patients and providers can use in the quest for quality and affordable care. Interoperability is the key to freeing that data! Premera Blue Cross, in partnership with a regional provider group, successfully launched a product in the market that breaks down those silos allowing patient’s clinical data to be exchanged bi-directionally with the provider in real-time. This presentation will explain how Premera and its technology partners achieved this industry-changing technology and how operationalizing interoperability enables providers to return to healing. Further, Premera is leveraging next gen data science and virtualized care technology to fuel provider and customer facing tools, so customers access their own records to make informed health decisions. Breaking silos and applying interoperability with mobile technologies allows all to forge ahead with improving customers’ lives by making healthcare work better.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how Premera and their partners achieved interoperability
  • Explain how operationalizing interoperability is allowing providers to focus on improved health outcomes
  • Identify how next generation data science and virtualized care technologies can empower customers


Executive Vice President of Healthcare Informatics and Chief Actuary,
Premera Blue Cross
Peak Care Product Director,
Premera Blue Cross