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The Blueprint for Putting Patients at the Center of APIs

2:30pm - 3:30pm Monday, February 11
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


Making health data useful to patients is a national priority—and the APIs needed to realize this goal by facilitating data sharing and consumer access are rapidly finding regulatory and market commitment. Is your organization ready to meet the demand? Join us to discuss how to build and advance the tools and capabilities you will need for laying a technical foundation of engaging interfaces to make data available to patients and drive high-value interactions with them. What’s more, we’ll share a state of the industry update on consumer-directed exchange and showcase promising efforts around the bend from leaders in the industry to help point the way forward.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Discuss how you can support and encourage broad adoption of openly accessible APIs to rapidly advance the ability for consumers and their authorized caregivers to easily get, use, and share digital health information when, where, and how they want it
  • Identify the business case for implementing consumer APIs and leveraging them to expand the reach of your organization
  • Prepare your organization for policy implications around consumer controlled APIs—get up to speed on what's required and get started with a plan to meet those requirements
  • Describe how to leverage standards and safeguards to support patient access, while preserving privacy, security, and patient preferences
  • Explore ways to promote better electronic access to a consumer’s clinical and payment information via third party applications by engaging with startups and developers


First Time Attendee
Management Engineer and Process Improvement Prof.