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Blockchain Reset – Seeing through the Hype and Starting down the Path

2:30pm - 3:30pm Tuesday, March 6
Las Vegas - Sands Convention Center
Interoperability Showcase | 11955 Theater


Blockchain has great potential across healthcare to improve patient care and reduce costs, and is already starting to take hold in healthcare networks from clearinghouses, to drug supply chains, provider credentialing processes, and other critical areas. A panel of experts in this session will help you to separate hype from reality, identify suitable Blockchain use cases applicable to your organization, and recognize near term opportunities for real value. In this session, we will also share practical strategies for interoperability, privacy, security, compliance, deployment, and performance to help you to get started with blockchain in your healthcare organization. Learning Objectives: After this session, attendees will be able to: Apply practical strategies to identify suitable use cases for Blockchain for your organization. Identify frameworks to achieve interoperability, performance, and deployment with Blockchain. Leverage best practices for privacy, security, and compliance as it relates to the use of Blockchain technology.


Chief Product Officer and Director of Hashed Labs,
Hashed Health
Director of Healthcare Privacy & Security,
Intel Health & Life Sciences
Blockchain Product Director,
Change Healthcare
Senior Distinguished Engineer – Blockchain Evangelist ,
Co-founder & CTO,