THE BIG PICTURE MADE TANGIBLE: Realizing the Value of Enterprise Imaging IT

1:00pm - 2:00pm Wednesday, March 7
Las Vegas - Venetian Convention Center
Room 203
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Join AGFA HealthCare for a HIMSS18 Lunch and Learn

The exponential growth and consequent fragmentation of medical image information is a pandemic and largely unsolved problem across  most  health  systems,  resulting  in sub-optimal patient care, inefficiency and cybersecurity risk. Our discussion will detail real-life experiences across a variety of diverse health care institutions on building a strategy to mitigate these problems and derive measureable value by addressing them through Enterprise Imaging IT.


This panel of experienced leaders in enterprise data management and transformation discuss tangible tactics to simplify and transform IT support of clinical collaboration and operational efficiencies.

Rasu Shrestha, MD, MBA

Chief Innovation Officer; Chief, University 

of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Executive Vice President, UPMC, UPMC Enterprises

Cheryl Petersilge, MD, MBA

Medical Director, Integrated Content and Enterprise Imaging, Cleveland Clinic; Clinical Professor of Radiology, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine Case Western Reserve University

Christopher J Gelabert, MD 

Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Texas Health San Antonio

Kimberly Garriott

Principal Consultant, Healthcare Strategies, Logicalis Healthcare Solutions

A frank and informative discussion of the risks involved both in ignoring, as well as in implementing, Enterprise Imaging solutions.

  • Learn how interoperability issues that keep you up at night can be abated through contemporary IT tools.
  • Learn how organizations are expanding the Imaging Value Chain, and what results can be expected from the effort.
  • Discussion includes strategies and best practices in managing the rising tide of multi-specialty image acquisition.

Sharing of information along a continuum of care is typically delayed or requires heroic efforts, if accomplished at all, to the detriment of quality care delivery. 

Join us and learn how to lead your institution's Enterprise Image strategy - effectively and efficiently - for tangible, value-based care results.

Luncheon will be served promptly at 1:00 pm.