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AMR Biosurveillance System in the Italian Region of Veneto

12:00pm - 1:00pm Friday, February 15
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


Antimicrobials resistance (AMR) is becoming a global emergency; it is estimated that by 2050, if preventive measure is not taken, it will cause 10 million deaths per year, which is more than cancer. As suggested by WHO, it is imperative to improve awareness and knowledge through evidence based surveillance and research. Therefore, a biosurveillance system capable to provide complete and real time analysis is an excellent basis to deeply understand and contrast the problem. In the Veneto Region (a region in the north-east of Italy) the HIE system integrated, at regional level, the availability of all lab reports, codified through a unique and international codification system (LOINC® and HL7 codifications) and a machine readable standard structure (CDA2) permitted to collect AMR data in a secondary data usage system and analyze it through real time dashboards. This biosurveillance system can be the key element to design and plan public health and governance strategies.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Describe how standardization, interoperability, sharing and engagement contribute to build a real time biosurveillance system
  • Illustrate the advantages of the adoption of an integrated common semantic in order to easily interpret and share findings about international public health issues as antimicrobial resistance
  • Explain that monitoring processes can be the foundation of a biosurveillance integrated system in which many structures collaborate to share information
  • Identify the true potential of health data standardization in the context of our globalized society: sharing information in order to unify procedures all across the world and to create a common heritage, maintaining reliability in each level
  • Recognize how existing information can find a second usage, shifting from the singular identity to a global vision and considering data in their totality


Chief Information Officer,
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Arsenàl.It Consortium


Government or Public Policy Professional
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