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Achieving Stage 7 Under the New 2018 Criteria - A presentation with UNC Health Care System & Epic

3:00pm - 3:30pm Wednesday, March 7
Las Vegas - Sands Convention Center
Level 2 | Hall A | Booth 1338


On January 19th 2018, UNC Health Care System (UNCHCS) received the HIMSS Stage 7 award for 6 hospitals (EMRAM) and UNCHCS clinics (O-EMRAM) – becoming the very first to be validated under the new 2018 standards. Like all organizations who have made the leap from Stage 6 to 7, the time and effort we spent assessing, planning, organizing, and implementing this project was significant. Nevertheless, going through the validation process was definitely worth it – the value gained extends well beyond the award itself. One of the most important factors contributing to our success, was the guidance and support from other organizations who had already made the leap. The purpose of this presentation is to share our journey in hope that we can help others that are considering or are actively pursuing Stage 7.


HCS Director: IT - Data & Analytics,
UNC Health Care
Implementation Services,
Chief Medical Informatics Officer,
UNC Chapel Hill
Global Vice President, Healthcare Advisory,
HIMSS Analytics