11:30am - 12:30pm Thursday, March 12

Location & Room

Orlando - Orange County Convention Center
Do medical products work as intended in the real world? What variables impact effectiveness? Can we predict which products will work better for certain patients? St. Louis-based Mercy health system set out to answer these kinds of questions, pioneering Unique Device Identification (UDI) for tracking medical device performance. Scanning barcodes, Mercy delivers device information into the electronic record for longitudinal insight into device effectiveness. Mercy and its IT arm Mercy Technology Services (MTS) have built out a data platform, machine learning and NLP capabilities to harness Real World Evidence (RWE) for driving improved outcomes and more informed care. Leveraging a high-efficiency infrastructure to shift the focus from data management to intelligence gathering, this cross-industry collaboration is answering the questions that lead to improved products and patient outcomes - core to Mercy’s mission to pioneer a new model of care.
VP of Data Analytics,
Mercy Technology Services
Director of Data Science,
Mercy Technology Services