1:00pm - 2:00pm Tuesday, March 10

Location & Room

Orlando - Orange County Convention Center

Digital health maturity transforms health systems towards proactive, predictive health systems focused on supporting and sustaining population health (e.g. keeping people well), engages consumers in meaningful partnerships to support health and wellness.?A mature digital health ecosystem tracks patient outcomes at individual and population level, enables digital tools and connectivity to patients, families and communities in a secure and private environment. 


The HIMSS Digital Health Index measures the use of digital tools, technologies and services to enable and support a highly integrated, seamless, and accessible healthcare system that connects and empowers global citizens to manage their health and wellness, within a high performing, sustainable health system. 

Join Dr. Anne Snowdon, Director of Clinical Research, HIMSS Analytics, to gain an understanding of how healthcare organizations worldwide can use the Digital Health Index to build a foundational understanding of their digital health maturity and a pathway toward transformation that will drive improved patient outcomes and increased financial and operational viability into the future.

Director of Clinical Research, Analytics,