1:05pm - 2:00pm Tuesday, March 10

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Orlando - Hyatt Regency
Hyatt - Barrel Spring I
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The Startup Ecosystem has become ever complex for Healthcare. The industry is associated with high barriers to entry and long sales cycles. Yet, the interest in healthcare innovation is significant. Innovators and entrepreneurs have many choices for support in the entry into healthcare, but it has become ever more difficult to understand the various players in the early stage ecosystem and evaluate a uniquely, best fit. And, just when you think you understand the names and players that help new ventures, the pace and churn in the marketplace shakes it up again.

1. What are the basic characteristics and advantages of an accelerator, corporate innovation office, corporate ventures and early-stage capitalists? 

2. What are key considerations related to scope and regionality of these resources? 

3. What defines the incentives that each above player has for becoming a part of the early stage journey? 

4. When do these resources work well together, and illustrate the reasons for which the entities become competitive? 

5. Are there concerns for entering multiple accelerators? 

6. What kinds of discerning questions should be asked of any resource before engaging in support? 

7. What are pitfalls in accessing any resource, and how are the risks best managed?

UNC Health Care
Venture Healthcare Lead,
Executive Director,
Guidewell Innovation
Springboard Enterprises