10:00am - 10:15am Monday, March 9

Location & Room

Orlando - Rosen Centre
Rosen Centre Grand Ballroom C
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  • This speaker comments will focus on digital engagement strategy and how a clinically-informed Patient Engagement Platform and CRM can impact patient outcomes, care coordination, transitions and experience.

  • His comments will focus on an EHR-agnostic app powered by the Cerner HealtheIntent® a data and insights platform which is enabling health systems serving different regions and populations to develop an integrated solution that supports closing clinical care gaps through engagement across the entire healthcare enterprise. He will address how the platform enables internal and external stakeholder collaborations to support and inform areas including clinical operations, revenue cycle management, donor activities, population health, employee engagement, compliance and analytics.

  • Other areas he will highlight will include a review of a simple gaps in care campaign, a description of patient attributes to consider, and include recommended ideas based on clinical use cases for getting started with developing a clinically-informed outreach program.

  • His discussion will also provide information on how the Salesforce/Cerner collaboration is addressing patient outcomes and experience by closing care gaps, and how health systems are driving innovation using what is known as a clinically-informed CRM that synchronizes key clinical and consumer profile data, helping to improve outreach for the resigned patient, enhance consumer satisfaction for the confident patient, simplify and personalize communications for the concerned patient and deliver timely information and care to the confused and declining patient. 

Senior VP Consumer and Employer Solutions,
Cerner Corporation