1:30pm - 1:50pm Monday, March 9

Location & Room

Orlando - Hyatt Regency
Hyatt - Plaza Int'l Ballroom H
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When it comes to healthcare technology, trust is everything. If patients do not trust a product or the people behind it, they will likely become reluctant or non-users. Moreover, if users feel betrayed by technology – if it does not meet their needs or is inconvenient – they might leave and never return: Once trust is lost, it is hard to regain.


In this talk, Amy Bucher, vice president of behavior change design at Mad*Pow, a leader in technology innovation, patient experience, and behavior change, explains how psychology and human-centered design are key to creating digital solutions that patients trust and embrace.


As Amy will explain, as healthcare providers incorporate technology more heavily into the care process, the people who develop these technologies must remain laser-focused on trust – both for the patients' and providers' benefit.

VP Behavior Change Design,