10:30am - 11:30am Tuesday, March 10

Location & Room

Orlando - Orange County Convention Center
Optimizing identity and access governance is the first step toward securing an exploding volume of patient, provider, and non-employee data. At South Shore Health, this meant implementing an automated, end-to-end lifecycle for each identity that spans provisioning, authentication, authorization, de-provisioning, and auditing. Today an automated system provisions users for role-based access to only the applications they need to do their jobs on day 1, and de-provisions them on their last day of work. Reports provide audit-readiness to prove which identities have access to which applications. Not only has the system increased productivity and security, it has freed staff up to focus on other projects, in one case saving 50% of an FTE’s time simply by automating the provisioning at de-provisioning process. In this session, South Shore Health will discuss the implementation of a strong identity governance solution, the lessons they learned, and the results they are seeing.
South Shore Hospital