8:30am - 9:30am Wednesday, March 11

Location & Room

Orlando - Orange County Convention Center
Value-based care is driving change and innovation in healthcare, complicating decision-making at the point of care and heightening the need for collaboration and information sharing. Care providers are leveraging technology to handle an increasing volume of complex data. But how can we support the exchange of health information and protect the very sensitive, personal health information that care providers need to improve patient safety, lower costs and ensure quality care? Private industry has responded by working together, and the government is driving faster action with open APIs and standards, and establishing guardrails for information blocking. Leaders of industry and government will discuss the future of information sharing and the need to balance the disruption that is occurring with the need to keep patient data safe. They will explore how to collaborate and act on the experience of other digital industries to be sure our actions don’t undermine the trust patients place in us.
National Coordinator for Health Information Technology,
Department of Health and Human Services