8:30am - 9:30am Wednesday, March 11

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Orlando - Orange County Convention Center

Perioperative business managers feel significant pressure to balance operational targets for utilization, access, and revenue while balancing the needs of surgeons and OR staff. Current block schedule management approaches, which often rely on intuition and "tribal" rules, make “bending” the access and revenue curves “up and to the right” a constant challenge. The problem is not a lack of data upon which to base core operational decisions; it’s lack of insight into what data to look at, when to look at it, and how to use that data to improve access and revenue through improved capacity management. Leveraging predictive analytics, machine learning and big data improve OR utilization and productivity with actionable dashboards, secure and convenient mobile block exchange, and smart block schedules that ensure the right surgeon gets the right OR at the right time.

President & CMO,