12:30pm - 1:30pm Monday, March 9

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Orlando - Orange County Convention Center
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Safety net hospitals provide some of the most exceptional healthcare to the highest-need populations in our country. Emerging as early innovators on value-based care, we can all learn from the outcomes delivered by nursing informatics leaders in these settings.  Riverside University Health System resides in an area of Los Angeles that faces serious health climate issues, including high rates of drug addiction and having the worst particulate air pollution in the United States by the EPA in 2004.  In that setting Judi Nightingale, DrPH, RN is creating innovations in care for her community with the help of data from the state health information exchange (HIE), Manifest MedEx.   In this panel, you'll hear  tactical advice for nurse informatics leaders looking to deliver value on performance programs and how nonprofit HIEs are helping healthcare leaders serve the highest-need patients with real-time clinical and  claims data. Nike
Chief Strategy Officer,
Manifest Medex
Director, Population Health,
Riverside University Health System
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