3:00pm - 4:00pm Tuesday, March 10

Location & Room

Orlando - Orange County Convention Center
At Prisma Health, we believed the shift to value-based care would allow us to better serve our patient community, including those we weren’t serving at the time. Many healthcare systems making that shift saw an increase in demand for primary-care services. We knew that to be successful, we’d need to rethink our delivery model. We assembled a team of stakeholders from the patient, administrative, and clinical communities to explore options and determine the best path forward. Our solution: a care-team approach that lets patients access, or be directed to, the right care in the right venue—whether that’s for a cold or a complex condition with co-morbidities. Because patients have options for care whether their need is simple or complex, they can stay within Prisma Health rather than seek care in a retail setting or via a DTC platform. The patient’s health record stays with us, their continuum of care is preserved, and we achieve better health outcomes for our entire population.
Vice President, Operations and Finance,
Care Coordination Institute (CCI)
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