10:00am - 11:00am Monday, March 9

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Orlando - Orange County Convention Center
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Nursing knowledge based Information models (NKIMs) are a representation of clinical conditions or concepts, including data elements, definitions, and related data standards.  Information models support sharable and comparable nursing data across organizations, electronic health records (EHR), and care settings.  Sharing nursing data is important to provide quality coordinated patient care, identify trends, support the secondary use of EHR data for research or quality improvement. We can also reduce the burden of documentation for nursing staff by standardizing data elements with consensus driven standardized information models. This session will describe the application based conceptual work of the virtual advanced practice nursing informatics workgroup from the Nursing Knowledge: Big Data Science Initiative.  The Nursing Knowledge Information Models (NKIMs) synthesize clinical pertinent nursing problems such as falls, pressure ulcer, and pain from flowsheet metadata through a data-driven, consensus-based method.  A refined and validated model emerges with flowsheet metadata from 10 organizations.   NKIMs contribute to the standardization of nursing concepts and provides sharable and comparable nurse-sensitive data to ultimately improve patient care and outcomes.
System Director, Nursing Informatics-Continuous Improvement,
University of MN Physicians/MHealth Fairview
Nurse Informaticist,
UCLA Health
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