9:10am - 9:40am Monday, February 11

Location & Room

Orlando - Rosen Centre
Rosen Centre Junior Ballroom F
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Recent research findings point toward increasing optimism that AI will transform health care, along with confidence in achieving an ROI*. So where should leaders start investing? When you get past the buzzwords and hype, AI is simply a set of new technologies that can help health care organizations meet their business goals. The key is starting with a business use case targeting a real problem.

The right data-science talent and skill sets should also be part of the solution. However, with the high demand for talent, it is imperative to be thoughtful about how, when and where your organization invests its resources.

This session serves as a conversation about applying AI in meaningful ways throughout an organization. Through a real-life example of AI at work today, learn how to approach both clinical and administrative business problems and build the right teams to drive successful applications forward.