8:40am - 9:15am Monday, February 11

Location & Room

Orlando - Rosen Centre
Rosen Centre Grand Ballroom D
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Access and convenience may be driving the patient-focused revenue cycle, but these same market demands, if not implemented properly, can create a security nightmare for healthcare organizations.
Consider this December 18, 2018 news report in the St. Louis Business Journal:
BJC HealthCare, which operates 15 hospitals in the region, said Tuesday that it's notifying 5,850 individuals that credit card information entered into its online payment portal for two weeks this fall might have been exposed due to malware on its website.
In this opening keynote, Karl West, assistant vice president and chief information security officer at Intermountain Healthcare, will explain why hackers love healthcare:  The data is plentiful (both PHI, PCI and PII), lucrative, and often inadequately protected. What’s more, in the revenue cycle, all too often, providers prioritize access, convenience, and collections over security.
Success in the consumer-driven revenue cycle depends on transparency, automation, self-service, simplified billing … and security. As Karl will explain, if revenue cycle leaders want to mitigate fraud, data theft, insider threats, HIPAA violations, or avoid ending up in the headlines, security and consumerism must evolve hand-in-hand. He’ll provide best practices and insight on how to do just that.