Lyft - EveryRideMatters

Join the cause & ride with Lyft to help give back to the American Cancer Society - Las Vegas.

Enter code EveryRideMatters, and 5% from all rides taken in Business mode during HIMSS18* will be donated to the American Cancer Society - Las Vegas’ Road to Recovery Program, which provides patients who are battling cancer with Lyft rides to and from doctor's appointments.

*March 4th - March 9th


Here are the details:

  1. New to Lyft?: Get the app by downloading it for iPhone or Android.
  2. Already have the Lyft app?: Go straight to step 4!
  3. Create your account: Set up a Lyft account. You’ll need to add a credit card in order to complete any ride.
  4. Create your Business Profile:
    • In the setting tab of the Lyft app, tap on Business Profile, then tap ‘Get Started.’
    • Enter your work email, then tap ‘Next.’
    • Select a payment method or enter payment info (such as a business card). Heads up: this will be your default business profile payment method.
    • Tap ‘Next,’ then tap ‘Done.’
    • That’s it! You’re ready to use your business profile.
  5. Add the promo code: Input EveryRideMatters into the “Promo” section of the Lyft app before you request your ride.  A "promo applied" pop-up will appear to confirm you've opted into the program.