HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition Blog Writing Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing for the HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition blog. We are always looking for content that expands our reader’s knowledge and understanding of health information and technology.

If published, your thought leadership has the potential to reach readers from around the globe including India, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan. Posts receive close to 500 views each, on average, with most readers staying about three minutes.

Most posts are shared on our social channels, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, with a combined following of more than 169,000.

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Our Readership

Content should be suitable for audiences ranging from those who want to learn about health information and technology, to those who are subject matter experts.

Our readers include executives, IT professionals, clinical providers, public policy professionals and investors.

Who Can Write

  • Contributors to a HIMSS initiative
  • Diamond Members
  • Individual Members
  • Nonprofit Partners
  • Organizational Affiliates

Gold, Platinum and Emerald Partners please contact corporatememberinfo@himss.org for details.

Before You Start

Please reach out to Content@himss.org with the topic you are interested in discussing and a short summary of what you plan to cover.

Please note, HIMSS is not currently contracting with freelance writers for content.

What Writing Style Works

Write in a conversational, non-technical way. If using technical language, provide an explanation in common terms.

We find that blog posts do best when they take a personal approach: my journey, making my mark, becoming an influencer.

Focus on a specific area of your topic and go deep rather than generalizing the whole topic. Give examples and metrics whenever possible.

If writing about Global Conference, focus on a topic tied to the conference, rather than the conference itself.

If referencing a report, article, etc., please include a link to the source material.

Incorporate subheads and bullets. Keep paragraphs short.

Posts can range in length from 600 to 2,000+ words. Keep it simple – see how few words you can use rather than how many.

What We Can’t Include

  • Author bios
  • Company boilerplates
  • Company logos
  • Heavy use of brand/product/company references
  • Non-HIMSS event promotions
  • Political references
  • Previously published content
  • Product images
  • Unsourced images

Review and Posting Process

Once your post on the approved topic is developed, please send the following to Content@himss.org:

  • Word document with your content
  • JPG of your headshot
  • Your organization name and job title

The HIMSS communications team will review your content and if accepted, edit as needed. This process takes about a week.

You’ll have the opportunity to do a final review of the edited content.

After your piece is posted, we’ll send a link. We ask that you share the HIMSS post of your content through your networks.

How We Share Your Thought Leadership

Posts are shared on HIMSS websites as appropriate and oftentimes on our social channels, based on relevancy and timeliness.

We also encourage you to link back to the post from your personal and professional channels. We ask that the piece not be published in full on another channel, but please feel free to post an excerpt linking to the full piece.

Suggested Topics

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Post Examples

A Glimpse of Consumer-Centered Healthcare

Blockchain Technology in Healthcare: How HIMSS is Making it Happen

Please Note

HIMSS reserves the right not to post a submitted guest blog and to edit and adjust as needed, now and in the future.

A call to action tied to HIMSS content and initiatives may be added.

The following disclaimer will appear on all guest posts: The views and opinions expressed in this blog or by commenters are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of HIMSS or its affiliates.

Your piece may be shared on HIMSS channels, including, but not limited to, HIMSS.org, HIMSSconference.org, newsletters, emails and social media channels.