Five Ways to Differentiate Your Organization with Social Media at HIMSS19

1. Sell your ideas, not your products.

There’s a place to make your sales pitch, but it’s not on social media. Social media listening tools now give users the ability to filter out your booth calls and your giveaways. With 45,000+ attendees in one place at one time, your best differentiation tool is your ability to show those walking the halls of the convention center and those engaging in social media that you care about them – and that their needs are at the core of what you do. You can accomplish that by using social media to:

  • Make your subject matter experts accessible and empower them to engage
  • Host or participate in a roundtable, Twitter chat, or community gathering that brings people together around important health IT topics
  • Develop an educational and engaging booth experience
  • Create resourceful brand content that addresses industry disparities and audience pain points

2. Find your tribe.

You don’t have to be everywhere – just where your audiences are. In addition to the official #HIMSS19 hashtag, use and follow these topic-driven hashtags to hone in on conversations and connect with audiences that are relevant to your organization:

#Aim2InnovateHealth IT Innovation
#BrandHITHealth IT Branding & Marketing
#DrHITPhysicians' Use of IT
#EmpowerHITInteroperability + Health Information Exchange
#Engage4HealthPatient Engagement
#GenY4HITMillennials in Health IT
#GovHITHealth IT Policy
#HealthyMarginsHealthcare Finance Strategy
#HITcloudCloud Computing
#HITsecurityHealth IT Security
#HITventureHealth IT Startups & New Ventures
#HITworksHealth IT Value
#IHeartHITInspiring Health IT Stories
#Nurses4HITNurses' Use of IT
#PopHealthITPopulation Health
#PrecisionHITPrecision Medicine
#PutData2WorkBig Data & Healthcare Analytics
#RethinkRCMRevenue Cycle Management
#WomenInHITWomen in Health IT
#smartHITArtificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

These hashtag communities will be buzzing prior to HIMSS19 and will be featured in on-site signage and resources.  


3. Listen, observe and engage.

Given the vast social media footprint of the HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition, there are significant opportunities to get a pulse on the attitudes, opportunities and challenges the industry faces in respect to IT and your organization’s role in innovating it. Pair proactive listening with thoughtful engagement to gain cues on how to humanize your organization’s marketing efforts and connect with your industry partners, clients and influencers.


4. Create an experience.

As you prepare for HIMSS19, ask yourself one question: After HIMSS19 ends, what will the people we interacted with say about us? Social media has the potential to ensure that attendees and your organization have an end-to-end world-class experience. From your booth concept, to face-to-face meetings, to social media presence, if you’re able to say the following, you will have mastered the social experience of HIMSS19:

  • My audience learned something new.
  • I learned something new.
  • My online and offline conversations were substantive and engaging.
  • My social media posts were polished, relevant and timely and received good engagement.
  • My social media following grew significantly.

5. Sustain your momentum.

You positioned yourself as an authority in your space. You genuinely connected with an audience. You learned a ton about your target market and the industry at large. People love you. Now what? Keep going! Debrief with your organization and develop a plan to keep engaging your existing – and new – social audience year-round. With HIMSS19 as your foundation, the following months and HIMSS20 will offer a new horizon of opportunity.