HIMSS Exhibitor Priority Points

The Exhibitor Priority Point system has been developed to recognize our market supplier support of HIMSS Enterprise. The order of booth selection and corporate member hotel room selection for HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition will be determined by each exhibitor’s cumulative number of points. Exhibitor Priority Points are accumulated throughout the year by completing tasks by a specified due date and by overall spend (HIMSS Enterprise-wide) - listed below.

How Points are Earned:

  • Every $3,000 in revenue received within HIMSS organization 1 point will be awarded (conferences, digital experiences, Analytics, advertising, sponsorships, membership, International, Accelerate Health, Healthbox, etc)
  • Earn additional points by completing tasks by a specified date

General Rules:

  • Exhibitor points are cumulative and carried from one participating year to the next.  Failure to invest within HIMSS in a given fiscal year resets exhibitor point total to zero. If floor is sold out, wait-listed exhibitors do not lose points if unable to clear waitlist
  • Dates and ways to earn points are subject to change
  • Points may only be used by the company that holds the points. Companies subsidiary or affiliate companies may not use points that belong to another company.
  • Co-Exhibitors and Complimentary Exhibitors will not earn priority points
  • Show management has the right to deduct points

HIMSS21: (August 9-13)

NEW!! HIMSS21 Exhibitors will be awarded additional points for participating at HIMSS21 Global Health Conference & Exhibition. 1 point per $3,000 dollar spent for HIMSS21 (Applied post conference)

  • 50 points Anchors @ HIMSS21
  • 10 points for populating company profile by October 30, 2020 (5pm CT) (must hit APPROVE DATA button for points to populate)
  • 20 points for full payment of exhibit space by November 13, 2020 (5pm CT)
  • 15 points for renewing or purchasing Interoperability Showcase contract on or before November 30, 2020 (5pm CT) (contract must be signed)
  • 10 points for renewing or purchasing HIMSS21 sponsorship on or before November 30, 2020 (5pm CT) (contract must be signed)
  • 5 points for submitting a new* contract for HIMSS21 sponsorship by December 31, 2020 (5pm CT)
  • 10 points for companies booking 9 rooms or less by July 13, 2021 and populate 100% of names into the onPeak online housing group reservation system (applied post conference)
  • 20 points for Companies achieving 90% actualized pick-up per night of the final room block submitted to onPeak on or before the non-refundable date of July 15, 2021.  (applied post conference)
  • 10 points received when HIMSS22 contract is signed by August 12, 2021. (applied post conference)
  • 20 points received if 50% payment is received at booth selection for HIMSS22. Payment received no later than August 12, 2021. (applied post conference)
  • 10 points if exhibitor survey is completed by August 27, 2021 (5pm CT)

*have never sponsored that item before

HIMSS Digital

HIMSS Digital (HIMSS21)

  • TBD


  • 5 points for Sponsoring per Editorial Webinar
  • 10 points for Sponsoring per Digital Conference
  • 10 points for Sponsoring per Digital Series


  • 10 points for Sponsoring per International Digital Event (July 1, 2020- March 15, 2021)
  • 5 points for Sponsoring per International Webinar (July 1, 2020- March 15, 2021)

Corporate Membership:

  • 10 points for renewing your Corporate Membership by October 30, 2020
  • 20 points for NEW Corporate Members with payment received by December 31, 2020
  • 10 points per 30 days for payment made prior to Corporate Membership fees due
  • 15 points if upgrade Corporate Membership

*Applies September 2020 through December 2022

Additional Benefits: Applicable to Companies that invest throughout the year. 

  • 5 points for signing up to be a National Health IT Week Partner with HIMSS (post white papers, host an event, submit a story) TBD  
  • 1 point for a member obtaining HIMSS Advancement (Senior Member, Fellow Member, Life/Life Fellow Member – By November 1, 2020
  • 1 point per person who currently hold a CPHIMS or CAHIMS certification - up to a max of 20 points per company – by November 1, 2020     
  • 5 points for participating in a HIMSS taskforce/workgroups– by November 1, 2020    

Benefits of Corporate Membership:

  • Diamond receive quadruple points (4x) for total spend
  • Emerald receive triple points (3x) for total spend
  • Platinum receive double points (2x) for total spend
  • Gold receive half points (1.5x) for total spend

Mergers & Acquisitions, Company Splits:

  • When companies are acquired, merged or consolidated HIMSS will use the points from the company with the greatest amount accumulated points (points cannot be combined).
  • When a company splits, it is the responsibility of the companies to determine how they want the total points split between each company (Example: XYZ with 500 points splits into XYZ1 and XYZ2, XYZ needs to let HIMSS know how to split the 500 points, XYZ1 keeps 300 points and XYZ2 keeps 200 points). 

What points are used for during the year:

Number of points determine time and date a company is given to choose exhibit space for the following conferences:

  • HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition

Number of points determine what order a company may choose their housing needs for the upcoming HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition.

  • Corporate Membership Level is the first order, once that is determined, companies may choose in point order. (For Example:  A Diamond member with fewer points than a Gold member will be able to choose hotel before the Gold member, because of Corporate Member status.)

Exhibitor Point Inquiries please contact:

Eileen Keating, ekeating@himss.org, (312) 915-9545,

Priority Points dates and categories are Subject to Change

Updated as of October 6, 2020