Conference Education Topics

The main education topics for the 2019 HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition are:

Clinical Informatics & Clinician Engagement

Explore information, technologies and methodologies to deliver more efficient and effective patient care, and engage clinicians in embracing and optimizing health information and technology.

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Clinically Integrated Supply Chain

Discover how to reimagine your organization’s supply chain strategy with a comprehensive view of the intersection of cost, quality and outcomes in order to improve the patient and clinician experience, improve the health of populations, and reduce the cost of care.

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Consumer, Patient Engagement & Digital/Connected Health

Examine tools, technologies, programs and strategies designed to make individuals, caregivers and families active partners with providers and other professionals in managing their health and wellness, enabling them to take control of their health and their healthcare decisions.

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Consumerization of Health

Explore how changing models of care delivery and disruptive technologies are shaping the consumerization of health, allowing patients to bypass traditional healthcare models and demand new and better healthcare experiences across the globe.

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Culture of Care & Care Coordination

Uncover strategies to stay connected to patients outside traditional clinic walls by developing a culture beyond clinical care that includes a digital culture of wellness that supports practice efficiency, productivity and economic value.

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Cybersecurity, Privacy & Security

Examine how to develop and maintain a trust framework through recognition, management and enforcement of privacy principles and risk-based security practices in order to protect the privacy and security of patients and their families.

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Data Science/Analytics/Clinical & Business Intelligence

Recognize the ways that data analytics and clinical and business intelligence systems can provide insights to inform decision-making across the continuum of care, helping health systems achieve clinical transformation and improve clinical performance aligned with the quadruple aim.

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Disruptive Care Models

Explore the business processes and technical requirements needed to create an administrative, clinical and financial framework that supports the disruption of traditional care models in favor of those that deliver more effective and efficient care.

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Grand Societal Challenges

Examine the many challenges facing today’s healthcare ecosystem that are shaping the very way we understand health and care delivery, and find out how to address vital topics that will impact health information and technology in the future.

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Health Informatics Education, Career/Workforce Development & Academia

Discover how to define, attract and develop administrative, financial, operational and technical talent to maintain clinical excellence and technical competence, and ensure the right education, tools, resources and experiences exist to support and grow a diverse and inclusive health informatics workforce.

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Health Information Exchange, Interoperability, Data Integration & Standards

Explore all aspects of information exchange, interoperability, data integration and standards across technical and administrative strategies that contribute to sustaining the healthcare enterprise and enabling a positive consumer experience.

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Healthcare Applications & Technologies Enabling Care Delivery

Delve into the processes, people and technologies that lead to improved outcomes with the use of administrative, clinical and financial applications, with emphasis on the infrastructure required to deliver applications and technologies.

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Healthy Aging & Technology

Discover new, more efficient models of care that better integrate technology with social and medical services for the aging and longer-living baby boomer generation, while also enabling the autonomy and participation that this generation craves.

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Improving Quality Outcomes Through Health Information & Technology

Explore technologies, applications and technology-enabled workflows designed to help healthcare professionals improve care and outcomes and develop sustainable health IT-enabled quality measurement and outcomes improvement programs.

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Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Venture Investment

Examine the challenges and opportunities of taking viable ideas and new products to market more efficiently, as well as novel collaborations and partnerships between entrepreneurs, investors and providers for designing, evaluating, validating, funding and adopting emerging tech-enabled solutions to improve care delivery, improve individual and population health, and reduce costs.

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Leadership, Governance & Strategic Planning

Discover the myriad challenges and opportunities that today’s healthcare information and technology leaders face across administrative, clinical and financial aspects, and explore strategies to understand, achieve and promote optimal value from digital health.

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Population Health Management & Public Health

Explore ways that communities, healthcare providers and public health organizations can allocate resources to overcome problems that drive poor health conditions in populations and to support public health and wellness.

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Precision Medicine & Genomics

Examine the new frontier of precision medicine, including disease treatment and prevention, research and development to accelerate biomedical research, and new informatics approaches that are enabling better understanding of the genetic bases of drug response and disease.

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Process Improvement, Workflow & Change Management

Uncover how critical tools like process improvement initiatives, change management techniques, and workflow analysis and design can help organizations realize transformative change in the delivery of care.

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Public Policy, Reporting & Risk Management

Discover how to identify and mitigate risks associated with a broad spectrum of legislative, regulatory and international compliance issues healthcare organizations face, including the need for programmatic integrity when managing all stages of healthcare and financial information.

Safe Information & Technology Practices for Patient Care

Recognize the ways to establish a proactive, methodical approach to organizational-wide process improvement, including patient safety risk assessment; information governance; multidisciplinary approaches to integrate quality, safety and IT; vendor selection and involvement; change management; and system effectiveness monitoring.

Social, Psychosocial & Behavioral Determinants of Health

Examine strategies for assessing and addressing social determinants of health, including employment data collection; community assessment of social service organizations; connecting patients to social service organizations; demonstrating collaboration between healthcare and social service organizations; and identifying the reduction of social risk and clinical outcomes.


Discover how telehealth is transforming operations of hospitals, specialty departments, home health agencies, private physician offices, and consumer homes and workplaces, improving the quality, equity and affordability of healthcare worldwide.

User Experience (UX), Usability & User-Centered Design

Explore the effects that product and process design can have on the user experience in the increasing array of interaction between spaces, systems, devices, patients and providers, and the resulting positive clinical, operational and financial impacts.