Innovation Forum: Driving Transformation, Creating Value

Monday, March 9, 2020 | 8:00am - 4:30pm
Room: Hyatt - Plaza International Ballroom I

Cost: $350 Additional Registration.

With all the demands for growth, efficiency, and transformation, healthcare organizations must possess innovation as a core competency, but all too few do. Turning an idea into a solution that produces value for patients, clinicians, and the organization is key to improving healthcare for everyone. It’s also difficult to do, especially at scale. Innovation requires a unique balance and understanding of enterprise strategy, innovation intent, organization dynamics, operational consideration, clinical strengths, and more. Innovation – change - is hard. The Innovation Forum will demystify innovation and provide a roadmap to help make it actionable for organizations of all sizes.

Industry experts from leading healthcare organizations with solid track records – and battle scars - will share case studies and their hard-won experience, explaining how innovation, no matter the problem (moving to more patient-centric care, addressing physician burnout, driving new revenue, assuming more risk, augmenting a staffing shortage … the list goes on) requires a framework, process, and rigorous execution.

Key takeaways

  • Assess your organization’s readiness for innovation.
  • Learn what innovation looks like in action. Speakers will explain how to create repeatable, scalable innovation frameworks that drive value and support organizational strategy.
  • Best practices to adopt and mistakes to avoid when developing an innovation framework
  • Collaboration is key. How to get internal stakeholders onboard.
  • Build, buy, or collaborate with solution providers? How to decide.
  • How to fund and commercialize innovation.

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