HIMSS18 Blogging Guidelines for Collaborators | Tips and Tactics

HIMSS Vision: Better health through information and technology.

HIMSS Mission: Globally, lead endeavors optimizing health engagements and care outcomes through information and technology.

Getting started

Pick an angle for thought leadership as a Collaborator at HIMSS18.

  • Why did you become a HIMSS18 Collaborator?
  • What can you share about your organization and its focus on the value of health IT, in general, and at HIMSS18?
  • Why do you attend HIMSS18?  What would you tell your peers about HIMSS18?
  • What makes the HIMSS18 valuable for you and your current employer?
  • How do you select certain education sessions or time to spend on the exhibition floor? How about networking opportunities?

Guidelines for blogging

Tone – conversational/non-technical; your content should be suitable for audiences ranging from those who want to learn about health IT, to those who are subject matter experts.

Length – average posts are 600 words. Longer posts of up to 1,500 words are acceptable when content supports subject. Check out this Forbes article to help determine how long your blog should be.

Format – use headers, (like ‘Guidelines’ for this bulleted paragraph, for example) to help make your content more readable. If you have graphics/images related to your content, use them to illustrate those ideas. Bulleted lists are also helpful in condensing content and enhancing visual appeal to readers.

Imagery – if you are submitting content with imagery, such as graphics, a headshot, or a suggested feature photo for the blog, please also send those as an attached .jpg or .png image.

To ensure good image quality, provide high-resolution images. The blog post appears with a feature or hero image, usually a stock photo unless the blogger provides a preferred feature image.

Links – when referring to an external website, hyperlink your text. Links to related, specific examples help establish credibility and expand perspective for readers.

Call to Action – the best blogs end with a strong call to actions, like this:

  • Learn more by exploring this resource (link to website).
  • Want to get involved? Contact xxx or learn more here.

Add hashtags! Explore some commonly used health IT hashtags in this guide.

Posting process

Send your blog to Maura Bilek at mbilek@himss.org.

  • HIMSS communication team will review/edit your content when received.
  • When review is completed, we will send any revisions to your document for your review before posting the content on the HIMSS conference website.

If you have any specific inquiries regarding the scheduling of your content, or any other questions, contact: Maura Bilek - mbilek@himss.org or Joyce Lofstrom - jllofstrom@himss.org.

Questions to ask yourself while writing:

  • What is the purpose of your blog?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What topics are you most passionate about? Your readers?
  • What drives you to write each post?
  • What do you hope a reader will do after reading a post?
  • Why should somebody read your blog over the alternatives?
  • What is the most-important thing you can teach or share with readers?

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