Which champion of health are you?

You demand more from health information and technology – and the innovation that powers it. Every day, in the midst of great change, you fight the good health fight. You don’t just rise to a challenge – you soar right over it. You see past the disruptions and distractions, to the bigger, global picture of transforming health and lives.

Your mission: to advance the safety, efficiency and quality of care, outcomes, health and well-being for us all. You are undeterred. You are unmovable. You are unstoppable. In fact, you’re something of a superhero. You’re a champion of health.

What’s your champion style?

Are you creative like The Innovator… curious like The Explorer… a whiz at words like The Communicator… or something else? Maybe you’re a combination of a few types of champions – or maybe you’re in a category all your own. Whatever your health information and technology superpowers, you’ll find others who share them at HIMSS19.

The Communicator

You convey ideas and information to different groups so that everyone is on board with the same strategy. You’re quite eloquent and comfortable talking in front of a room, and you’re an expert at navigating barriers that separate healthcare stakeholders to effect change across the care continuum.

The Developer

You design innovative plans, programs and solutions that make the world a better place. You think that most problems can be solved with the right technology. You create, test and maintain healthcare apps, programs and systems that improve patient engagement, care delivery and outcomes.

The Disruptor

You don’t accept the status quo; you seek out and find uncommon solutions to common problems. You challenge existing concepts and love discovering and implementing new ideas to transform health and well-being. Your work might displace established products, solutions, organizations or even ideas.

The Explorer

You look beyond normal boundaries to find fresh solutions to everyday challenges. You love seeking new information and resources to inform your work. You’re resilient and determined, and you know that the right health information and technology solutions exist – they just need to be discovered.

The Gamechanger

You introduce and implement new elements and ideas that create positive change and impact health. You thrive on change and have the courage to risk failure. You love to problem-solve and discover innovative solutions to the biggest health information and technology challenges.

The Healer

You fight the good health fight on behalf of individuals and populations in your community. You find new ways to leverage information and technology to improve the patient experience, outcomes and engagement, and you advocate for programs and tools that make individuals and families active partners in managing their health and wellness.

The Influencer

You bring disparate individuals around to ways of thinking that best benefit the whole group. You have the power to affect the decisions other people make because of your authority, knowledge, position or relationship with them. You collaborate with myriad teams to create solutions that transform health and well-being around the world.

The Innovator

You create and execute new ideas, methods and strategies that don't follow a traditional path. You connect the dots in the vast healthcare ecosystem to bring people and ideas together to achieve real value that can be experienced and measured. You’re driven by connections and by the power of information and technology to transform health.

The Researcher

You creatively solve challenges and uncover opportunities by asking questions, experimenting and seeking out root causes. You’re logical and a fan of the scientific method, and you learn from your failures as well as your successes. You’re curious about human psychology and behavior and believe they hold the key to transforming health and well-being.

The Strategizer

You create successful approaches to challenges and involve your whole team in the process. You’re skilled in the art of devising or employing plans or stratagems, and you interact with a wide variety of stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem to achieve your goals. You’re skilled at integrating products, solutions and tools that improve care and outcomes and reduce costs across teams.

The Trailblazer

You’re a thoughtful leader. You discover and create things and make them available and useful to larger audiences. You lead others down exciting new paths, and you advocate for cutting-edge solutions or ideas that have the potential to disrupt healthcare and transform lives. You believe that information and technology is key to improving health and well-being for individuals and populations.

The Transformer

You create dramatic or marked change for the greater good. You design and implement products, solutions or tools that have the potential to transform the health of thousands or even millions. You collaborate with other like-minded individuals in a variety of fields to discover new ways to positively impact health now and in the future.

The Visualizer

You see the possibilities of change and make them a reality. You possess a sense of wonder and exploration about the world and about the power of information and technology to transform health. You use your abilities to adjust and adapt to new ideas and situations in order to create healthcare solutions that benefit individuals and populations.