HIMSS Cancellation FAQ

HIMSS20 Digital

Will any sessions be made available virtually?

HIMSS is already working on plans to make all of the sessions and panels available online. HIMSS20 exhibitors and attendees will be contacted with further information. Any further updates regarding HIMSS20 will be published on www.himss.org and www.himssconference.org.

Are all the in-person and educational sessions being converted into the digital event?

Our goal is to make all of the HIMSS20 general education sessions, panels and presentations available (where practical) through HIMSS20 Digital.

How can we leverage our webinar or virtual event in with Digital HIMSS20?

Exhibitors can participate in our HIMSS20 Digital experience in a variety of ways. We’ve built programs that will both allow them to share content and be a visible participant in the HIMSS20 Digital platform that also includes visibility via our media solutions depending on the program offered/accepted by our partners. For questions, contact Hello@himssmedia.com.

The first phase of HIMSS20 Digital launched on Monday, March 23 within HIMSS.org and is accessible to all site visitors. The second phase of HIMSS20 Digital will launch on Friday, April 3 within the Learning Center and will be accessible to all HIMSS20 registrants. Over the next several weeks more content and on demand presentations will be added almost daily to both of these digital environments. For questions, contact Hello@himssmedia.com.

In addition, HIMSS20 Digital will feature an upgraded HIMSS20 Digital Exhibitor Guide (MYS) to provide a more robust experience for exhibitors. Information will be sent to all HIMSS20 exhibitors the week of March 23, 2020 with instructions on uploading content, webinars, virtual experience links, etc. Any questions, please contact exhibitors@himss.org.

Can we move our sponsorship to HIMSS20 Digital or another event this year, such as Accelerate Health or Patient Experience?

Please contact our sales department for details at salesinfo@himss.org.

I was not registered to attend HIMSS20 in Orlando. Will I be able to purchase a registration for HIMSS20 Digital?

Yes, registration information for HIMSS20 Digital will be made available for those interested in attending but were not previously registered for HIMSS20. Updates will be posted on www.himss.org and www.himssconference.org on Friday, March 27.

How will HIMSS20 Digital sessions be accessed?

Through HIMSS.org and HIMSS Learning Center.

General HIMSS20

Why did you wait until now to cancel?

We made every effort to hold the conference as scheduled and coordinated with an external advisory panel of medical professionals to support evidence-based decision making. However, the situation was evolving so rapidly that each day brought a new development. The fast-evolving circumstances, which were outside of anyone’s control, made it clear that it would be an unacceptable risk to bring so many thousands of people together.

Will HIMSS20 be rescheduled to take place later this year?

There are very few venues in the U.S. able to host such a large event. This fact, coupled with limited exhibitor and speaker availability, make it unlikely for HIMSS20 to be rescheduled to later this year.

If a student registered and the reg was transferred to HIMSS21, what happens if they graduate before then and can't go? 

The student would receive a full conference registration for HIMSS21 regardless of student status.

Will attendees and exhibitors be refunded for airline tickets?

HIMSS20 policy states refundable airlines tickets should be purchased in the event of cancellation, therefore airline tickets will not be refunded. Please contact HIMSS20AttendeeRefund@himss.org if you have additional questions. Any further updates regarding HIMSS20 will be published on www.himssconference.org.

Will attendees and exhibitors be refunded for hotel costs?

HIMSS has communicated with all of its hotel partners and informed them that we do not in any way object to them waiving cancellation policies for room reservations related to HIMSS20. The decision is theirs, however, as to whether to issue a refund. 

Will paid attendee and exhibitor badge registrations be refunded?

As part of the on line registration process, within the terms and conditions, all attendees receive and sign a written cancellation policy which states, “Should the 2020 HIMSS Global Health Conference be canceled, your registration fee will not be refunded, but will automatically be applied to the next HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition.” We are pleased to (re)confirm that all individuals registered for HIMSS20 will be automatically registered for HIMSS21 in Las Vegas, and in addition, will have complimentary access to HIMSS20 Digital! This includes student and preconference registrations as well as credits from HIMSS19 that were used to register for HIMSS20.

Speakers, exhibitors and sponsors will be contacted with further information about HIMSS20 Digital and upcoming plans for HIMSS21. As we transition to a digital experience, and to find out the latest, please be sure to visit us online for updates on HIMSS20 Digital and check the HIMSS20 Cancellation FAQ regularly for more details.

What happens to my HIMSS20 exhibitor badges?

HIMSS21 exhibitors will be able to carry over their HIMSS20 Paid Exhibitor Booth Staff badges (non-transferable).

Paid Client Badges will be transferred to HIMSS21 in the name of the registrant (non-transferable).

HIMSS20 Complimentary Exhibitor Badges and Client Badges will not be transferred to HIMSS21.

As is customary, HIMSS21 exhibitors will receive the normal allocation of complimentary badges.

Will exhibitors be refunded for their HIMSS20 booths?

HIMSS must follow and honor the terms of exhibitor contracts. Please reach out to salesinfo@himss.org if you have additional questions.

Will exhibitors be refunded for their HIMSS20 sponsorships?

HIMSS must follow and honor the terms of exhibitor contracts. Please reach out to salesinfo@himss.org if you have additional questions.

Will exhibitors be refunded for services by preferred vendors (Freeman, Freeman AV, OCCC, Lead Retrieval, Photography, Floral, CenterPlate, SmartCity)

HIMSS20 exhibitors should work directly with their contracted vendors for any questions related to refunds and contracted services.

I was using an Exhibitor Client badge. Will that be transferred to HIMSS21 even if the company doesn’t exhibit?

Please contact the company that hosted your Exhibitor Client badge for the status of your badge for HIMSS21.

Will HIMSS21 Booth Selection for exhibitors still take place?

Yes, if your company had a HIMSS21 booth selection appointment scheduled during HIMSS20, we will be reaching out to schedule a Webex appointment for HIMSS21 booth by March 31, 2020. The booth selection process will be administered remotely and will proceed according to exhibitor priority point order. If you have any questions, please contact Laura Goodwin at lgoodwin@himss.org.