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Tente Casters, Inc.

Hebron, KY 41048
Booth(s):  4400


Mobility is top priority in everyone's daily life. TENTE's Linea caster family addresses important aspects, including ergonomics and safety in the field.  Our experienced team will help you find the best mobility solution for your equipment, cart, furniture and all other mobile units, including carts, shelving, nurses stations, medical devices, work stations, machines, etc. TENTE Levina & Linea casters provide safe operation, quiet movement, innovative design, improved maneuverability of your equipment. Booth # 4400. www.tente.us. 859.586.5558

Press Releases

Better Mobility. Better Life.

Article Courtesy of TENTE Casters, Inc.

Mobility and safety are top priorities for mobile medical equipment. TENTE added the Linea safety caster to its Linea caster family. The Linea safety features an automatic locking mechanism to avoid unintentional movement of your equipment.

The Linea safety offers increased safety for patients and staff. The Linea caster family includes basic swivel, rigid, total lock, directional lock, dual lock, central lock and the e-lock version. The LINEA 5920 and 5940 series casters provide support and excellent maneuverability on medical and institutional equipment. Central locking casters for hospital beds. Other versions of the LINEA are used on furniture, office equipment, computer carts, medical devices and more.

TENTE offers mobility solutions, casters, wheels and accessories worldwide. Every market and almost every equipment has its own requirements and our representatives assist you in the caster selection process to assure you receive the utmost care, support and service. TENTE focuses on innovation, reliability, mobility and a better life for customers and end-users.


The invention of the wheel is probably not only the most important technical concept among the world’s ground-breaking inventions; to this day it continues to guarantee movement, efficiency and progress. It moves people and goods and takes our society forward.

Better Mobility. Better Life. That is our motto. It is what we believe in and what we work for, day after day. All over the world, our employees assume responsibility and aim to ensure that the world is taken a decisive further step forward. They do so with total dedication. Our mission is statement reads: “Mobility is essential for modern society and all individuals.” We at TENTE make our contribution toward improving people’s lives, the way they work and their working conditions. Openness characterizes us. We are frank and open about our objectives, our values and our approaches, processes and successes. This transparency leads to a partnership with our customers and suppliers that is based on trust.

For more information, be sure to visit Booth #4400.

What are you faced with when designing your computer carts, medical device or institutional furniture? What are all the requirements of your customers? What environment will your unit be used in? What ergonomic and safety factors do you have to consider? What testing standards do you have to meet? How do you set yourself apart from your competition? How do you enhance your brand? Let us help you in finding a reliable mobility solution for your mobile device. Let us support you on a global scale and set your brand apart.

TENTE Casters, Inc. is a subsidiary of TENTE International GmbH, located in Cologne, Germany. TENTE started operations in 1923 and has developed into a worldwide company. Experienced designers and engineers create innovative products that are produced with specially developed production techniques. Our U.S. manufacturing facility includes a specially designed testing area, where we perform product testing such as including dynamic and static testing, brake hold, roll and swivel resistance and a cyclic brake test. Additionally, we house a large, state-of-the art- injection molding area, stamping, assembly, CNC-turning and a high-rise warehouse to house components and your finished products.

Over the years, we supported numerous companies and their growth with continuous service from the start. Whether this is in the institutional or medical market segment. Our brand will enhance your brand and set you apart from your competitors.  Award-winning designer chair and an unusual furniture caster, an indestructible castor for a shopping trolley or the central locking Inflight Trolley caster. Our products are robust, durable, reliable and aesthetically pleasing; basically, an all-in-one package.

Our mission statement: Mobility is essential for modern society and all individuals. We at TENTE make our contribution toward improving people’s lives, the way they work and their working conditions. Our objectives, values, methodologies, processes and successes are communicated openly with our customers. This transparency leads to long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers that is based on trust. “We are a reliable partner for casters, wheels, and the associated processes, systems and solutions. We continually work for tomorrow today.”

For more information, be sure to visit Booth #4400.