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RedRick Technologies

Mount Brydges, ON N0L 1W0
Booth(s):  12548


We design and develop, ergonomic workstations that are used by radiologists, cardiologists, telemetry staff, pathologists and others who spend significant time sitting in front of multi-monitor workstation environments. We also help design and develop ergonomic environments in which these personnel work. Our ergonomic furniture and monitor mounting solutions are well regarded in the industry, and our expertise encompasses space design, environmental control, lighting, and acoustics. These are all factors that must work together to optimize any clinical environment.

Press Releases

MOUNT BRYDGES, Ontario, Feb. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- RedRick Technologies, a provider of ergonomic radiology furniture, monitor mounting solutions and reading room design guidance, recently updated their reading environment planning guide that is designed to help health system staff optimize their medical imaging reading environments. Like the original version, which was the first such guidebook, this update was a collaboration with CannonDesign, an integrated global design firm with expertise in the healthcare space.

The planning guide provides practical, educational guidance for architects, designers, facilities planners and clinical department leaders involved in the design and renovation of medical imaging reading room environments. It summarizes best practices that meet the unique needs of medical imaging departments and defines the many factors that constitute good reading room design and siting, including how they can enhance the practice of radiology.  Emphasized are how to employ good ergonomic principles to eliminate the repetitive stress injuries (RSI's) that often impact physician health and well being, and the consideration of proper reading room location to enhance communication between radiologists and the clinicians they service.

Greg Patrick, CEO at RedRick Technologies, points out "Recent articles published in the JACR underscore the risks of RSI's and highlight the opportunities to mitigate them. The good news is that a combination of the right ergonomic furniture and a little education can go a long way."

The planning guide breaks the reading environment into Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Zones to enable the reader to gain a more holistic understanding of the impact of ergonomics along with room lighting, sound and climate control, room flow, layout, siting and access. It also includes a checklist to facilitate implementation of the guidance, discusses factors that may impact the future of medical imaging and reading room design and provides a bibliography of recently published research on prevalence of repetitive stress injuries among radiologists. Download the planning guide here.

To learn more, visit RedRick Technologies in Booth #12548 at the upcoming HIMSS 2018 Annual Conference and Exhibition