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Award-winning KSI takes the lead in providing an array of innovative desktop security solutions for healthcare. Our keyboards and standalone pods are EPCS compliant, meet government and healthcare regulations, and go further than other peripherals on the market to foolproof end user authentication. KSI biometric, RFID, and sonar logoff technologies, routed through one port, are the answer to maximizing thin and zero client efficiency, while offering compatibility with EHR and SSO platforms.

New Product/Service

KSI-1802R SX FFFB Biometric Keyboard
KSI-1802R SX HB-16 Dual Band RFID Keyboard
KSI-1802R SX HFFFB-16 RFID & Biometric Keyboard
KSI-1801 SX B LinkSmart Disinfectable Keyboard
KSI-1801 SX BL LinkSmart Disinfectable Keyboard
KSI-1900 HFFFB-16 Standalone Security Pod

Press Releases

Oakland, CA -- January 29, 2018 -- Key Source International (KSI) is pleased to be named one of two Engineering & Design Finalists by the East Bay Economic Development Alliance, in anticipation of the 2018 East Bay Innovation Awards to be presented March 29 in Oakland.

“KSI is thrilled to once again be recognized as a technological innovator,” said KSI President & CEO Phil Bruno.  “We’ve no doubt hit upon something big with the LinkSmart® cleaning button and San-a-Key® software.  Word is spreading that our keyboard system really does help save lives while being quick and easy to use.”

Developed in-house for KSI 1700 and 1800 series keyboards by the company’s design and engineering team, the LinkSmart® with San-a-Key® cleaning system is the outcome outcome of listening to healthcare customers around the world, and recognizing the urgent need for strong infection control at the clinical desktop.  With hundreds of U.S. hospitals being monetarily penalized each year for high rates of hospital-acquired infections, healthcare is seeking to implement innovative measures to combat this chronic and growing problem that results in over 75,000 annual patient deaths in the U.S.

Depressing the red LinkSmart® button on a KSI keyboard prohibits errant data from being entered while the keyboard is disinfected by end users with germicidal wipes.  An animated, onscreen aid assists during the cleaning process.  Use of the LinkSmart® button eliminates 98% of harmful bacteria and germs from KSI keyboard surfaces throughout an entire healthcare facility.  User-defined San-a-Key® software takes infection control several steps further by providing scheduled cleaning, push notifications that remind end users when it’s time to clean, and an array of analytics that report when, where and by whom KSI keyboards were cleaned, enterprise-wide.  LinkSmart® with San-a-Key® offers hospital administrations a comprehensive program for organizing and controlling infection at the desktop on a 24/7 basis.

“At the heart of our technology is a superior input experience,” said KSI Product Manager Deanne VanKirk.  “We never forget that our customers are looking for high-quality devices that increase worker productivity – and that’s just what KSI keyboards do.”

Another recent KSI innovation, the Technology Top Strip, not only houses the LinkSmart® cleaning button, but makes available several other optional, mix-and-match hardware components as well – making the KSI keyboard a truly multi-functional healthcare device.  Integrated biometric fingerprint reader and proximity reader components offer hospitals the ability to dual authenticate end users to prevent data breach, eliminate fraud, and protect confidential electronic health records.

“’Keyboard’ is no longer a dirty word,” added Mr. Bruno.  “We’ve refashioned what was once a vessel for germ growth into an all-in-one tool for fighting infection and securing the desktop.  Our team takes real pride in knowing that, through innovation, KSI technology is actively saving patient lives around the East Bay and around the globe.”

About Key Source International

Headquartered in Oakland, CA,  Key Source International has delivered high-end peripherals to corporate and healthcare customers around the world for more than 35 years. The company services the healthcare, retail, banking, and telecommunications sectors with smart products featuring fingerprint biometrics, contact-less card readers, and sonar proximity detection.  With a focus on healthcare, technology partners include Imprivata®Caradigm, HealthCast, Epic and CDW Healthcare.  KSI offers scalable desktop security and infection control solutions, compatible with leading SSO platforms and compliant with HIPAA and DEA ePrescribe standards. In 2016, the LinkSmart® cleaning button with San-a-Key® analytic software was awarded AHE Innovation of the Year, sponsored by American Hospital Association.  KSI’s mission is to enhance the user experience, secure the desktop, and help save patient lives while meeting rigorous government regulations with total customer satisfaction.

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