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Forcare improves patient care by electronically linking silos of patient information across IT systems in real time. We ensure maximum connectivity between existing systems and deliver a future-proof platform. Forcare has been helping healthcare organizations improve workflows and outcomes since 2006. Our clients are across Western Europe, the United States, and Canada. Our Workflow-Centric Interoperability approach connects people and systems with purpose.

Press Releases

UK HealthCare, clinical enterprise at the University of Kentucky, has selected Forcare as their interoperability partner to implement a new enterprise interoperability system to support internal and external systems integration.

The new system will make it possible to securely receive, distribute and share data between UK HealthCare, partnering organizations, and public health information exchange systems.

Strengthening partnership networks by supporting integration across organizations

UK HealthCare is one of the top Academic Health Systems in the U.S.. It is UK’s strategy to strengthen partnership networks, thus reducing costs, increasing efficiency and improving patient outcomes.

To enable this strategy, UK HealthCare recognized the need to minimize the diversity of technologies and move to a unified system that supports clinical interoperability and integration across organizations. Their current internal integration system needed to be replaced, and they wished to seize this opportunity to lay the foundation for a system that can facilitate a shared service approach to integration, for clinical data exchange between UK and their partners.

A reliable partner

After an extensive selection process, UKHC chose Forcare as their preferred interoperability partner. Dr. Cecilia Page, UK HealthCare’s Chief Information Officer, stated:

“Forcare’s scalable and proven interoperability platform fulfills our future vision to integrate our internal and external systems.”

For over a decade, Forcare has established itself as a global leader in IHE standards-based interoperability for Health Information Exchange. Forcare’s solutions are improving healthcare by seamlessly linking patient information from multiple clinical information systems such as EHRs, imaging systems and departmental solutions. In addition, Forcare’s solution enables clinical workflows across disparate systems, including referral solutions that meet the needs of today’s demanding physicians.

“We are extremely honored to be working with UK HealthCare and ensuring their strategy and vision on interoperability and data sharing is brought into practice,"

says Forcare CEO, Harm-Jan Wessels.

Saving costs

UK HealthCare is now able to implement the new enterprise interoperability system all while keeping the same viewers, PACS, EHR, and other technologies in place. Forcare’s interoperability platform empowered the existing EHR with the functionality needed at a fraction of what it would have cost for full replacement of the existing technologies.

Transforming UK Health

Phase one of this project is ready to go live in late summer 2017. This phase includes integration and streamlined access to internal document and imaging systems.  Forcare’s universal viewer is included in the solution to give a single point of access to radiologists, whether on or off campus. Radiologists are also able to read images with the diagnostic viewer of their choice.

Phase two of the project will focus on clinical workflows. As a specialty hospital with over 60 transfers a day, UK needed a process that improved the continuum of care at every step. Physicians will have the ability to manage their referral processes so the clinician can see only what they need to see, when they need to see it.  

“Getting data from external entities into a digestible format will transform UK Health”

says Dr. Page. 

Forcare is proud to support UK HealthCare’s interoperability needs and help them maintain their status as a leader in Health IT collaboration.

About UK HealthCare

UK HealthCare is committed to the pillars of academic health care—research, education and clinical care. Dedicated to the health of the people of Kentucky, we will provide the most advanced patient care and serve as an information resource. We will strengthen local health care and improve the delivery system by partnering with community hospitals and physicians. We will support the organization’s education and research needs by offering cutting edge services on par with the nation’s best providers. For more information, visit www.ukhealthcare.uky.edu.

About Forcare

Forcare aims to improve healthcare globally by seamlessly linking patient information from different sources to empower data flow and workflow. Forcare has a clear focus on ensuring maximum connectivity among existing systems and delivering a future-proof platform using the most current industry standards. Hospitals around the world are already using Forcare's software to manage their data exchange and streamline workflows. For more information, visit www.forcare.com.

Rio Grande Valley Health Information Exchange, announced today that the organization’s board of directors had selected Forcare to provide the RGV HIE interoperability platform. RGV HIE and its stakeholders look to improve clinical, financial, and operational quality throughout the region.

The RGV HIE is a non-profit organization established in 2011 with the purpose of facilitating access to, and retrieval of, health information to provide safer, more timely, efficient, and effective patient-centered care. “We feel very positive moving forward with this next stage of our evolution in partnership with Forcare,” said Andrew Lombardo, executive director of RGV HIE.

“We believe that by streamlining collaborative care workflows in the region, we can make a tremendous difference for our stakeholders and the communities we serve.  And we believe Forcare is the company to help us do that.”

 The selection of Forcare enables the RGV HIE to bring a county-level infrastructure solution that connects information between participating health care organizations and providers in extreme South Texas by integrating disparate systems and enabling the exchange and use of critical patient information for making care related decisions at the point of care.

Intelligent interoperability to drive streamlined workflows

RGV HIE is far different than most HIEs. To them, success is not just about connectivity; it’s about enabling the most efficient and effective workflows for the providers and patients in the Rio Grande Valley.   “As the data stewards, we are looking to address the clinical, regulatory, operational and financial goals of our health care community,” says RGV HIE board chairman Sheila Magoon, MD, executive director of the South Texas Physician Alliance.

“Our interoperability solution enables various components of the health care delivery system to utilize bidirectional interfaces to complement, enhance, and redesign workflows within providers’ EMR, hospitals and other healthcare entities to create a leaner more intelligent and efficient communication system. In addition to providing access to a patient’s longitudinal health record, the goals of the solution are to improve care coordination, transitional care, patient engagement, assist providers in meeting MACRA requirements and enable medical research for our community.” 

RGV HIE conducted a national search before selecting Forcare, a global interoperability company with clients in the US, Canada, and Western Europe.   “We were looking for a company as committed to improving outcomes as we are,” commented Genaro Garza, RGV HIE Director of Technology. 

“Forcare understands that it’s all about the workflow, and their XDS-based platform and advanced interoperability tools give us the flexibility and security to be able to handle a wide range of use cases.” 

Forcare executives are equally optimistic about the relationship.  “We talk about helping our clients connect with purpose,” said Harm-Jan Wessels, Forcare co-founder and CEO. “We believe deeply in what RGV HIE has set out to do and are honored to be their partner in this journey.”


The Rio Grande Valley Health Information Exchange (RGV HIE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating the secure exchange of patient health information to improve communication and patient care in South Texas. We work with physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations to ensure that critical health information is communicated in a consistent and secure manner.

Exhibitor Hosted Events

Tuesday, March 6 at 11:00 AM: HIE Discusses Interoperability Success with Forcare
Tuesday,  March 6 at 11:00 AM:  Rio Grande Valley Health Information Exchange - Andrew Lombardo
Andrew Lombardo, Executive Director RGVHIE, and his team will elaborate on how Forcare unlocked data in the region of south Texas and enabled efficient health information exchange.  
Tuesday, March 6 at 2:00 PM: University Hospital Transformed Healthcare with Interoperability Leader, Forcare

Tuesday, March 6 at 2:00 PM: University of Kentucky HealthCare - Roger Hensley

Roger Hensley, Director of External Development at University of Kentucky HealthCare, will be discussing how Forcare is empowering existing systems and positioning this university hospital as a leader in interoperability.