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Innovating cybersecurity solutions that focus on the human element.

Wuvavi, an Employee Cybersecurity Platform, provides an innovative solution that enables organizations to make their employees active participants in information security. Our platform provides a modern approach to training, phishing simulation, and employee progress monitoring. 

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Employee Phishing and Training Platform

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Wuvavi, a cybersecurity company specializing in improving cybersecurity for businesses and employees, announced the release of a phishing simulation component on the Wuvavi Platform.  After creating an employee training product in 2015 with over 30,000 users, Wuvavi is expanding their platform to allow organizations of any size to evaluate employee susceptibility to a phishing attack and increasing employee awareness around phishing threats. 

The phishing component is integrated into the employee training product to create an easy to use platform for any organization.  An administrator enrolls their employees for training and/or phishing, selects a phishing campaign designed from real-world phishing attacks, and monitors employee activity.  The system will train employees at a point of failure such as clicking a link in a phishing email.  The platform provides administrators with certification of training, reporting capabilities that include a full audit trail of employee activity, and provides a dashboard that allows businesses to easily identify high-risk employees for further training.

Of the company’s recent announcement, Wuvavi CEO Jon Santavy said, “The entry point for most cyber attacks are well-meaning employees that click malicious links, or employees that share too much information.  With this release, we give organizations of any size the ability to make their employees active participants in information security through training, phishing, and awareness.”

Wuvavi’s phishing and training platform makes employees active participants in information security.  The product is available today at www.wuvavi.com.

About Wuvavi

Wuvavi is an information security company based in Pittsburgh, PA. Founded in 2015, Wuvavi offers an intuitive cybersecurity platform that helps business and employees reduce their risk of cyber attacks.