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Feel-World's First Emotion Sensor & Mental Health Advisor

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Sentio Solutions is developing Artificial Emotional Intelligence to change the way we evaluate, monitor and care for mental health.

Feel is the World's First Emotion Sensor & Mental Health Advisor that continuously monitors wearer's emotions & provides real-time coaching and intervention for better mental health management.

Press Releases

Sentio at HIMSS 18: Cognitive behavioral therapy meets continuous emotion recognition to bring augmented mental health to life

Sentio ("Insurance Shaper of the Year" by EXECinsurtech) develops Artificial Emotional Intelligence to change the way we manage Mental Health.

Their new Augmented Mental Health Program serves businesses, including insurance companies, self-insurers, healthcare aiming to disrupt and improve the Mental Health industry by offering 24/7 continuous objective monitoring of the wearer’s mental state, as well as real-time coaching & advice to provide support in the moment.

With the Augmented Mental Health Program Sentio aims to solve 3 core current problems related to Mental Health Management:

  1. Increase access to mental health support
  2. Improve the quality of mental health services by offering 24/7 support to patients and/or high-risk individuals
  3. Reduce costs related to mental health treatment for the patient and consequent costs of service for insurance and healthcare providers

What is the Augmented Mental Health Program? Our Augmented Metal Health Program uses a combination of evidence based behavioral techniques (CBT, mindfulness, positive psychology) and cutting-edge emotion recognition technology to help people build healthy mental habits


Continuous Emotion Tracking: Feel Emotion Sensor (wristband) provides continuous, unobtrusive monitoring of the wearer’s emotional states.

Real-time Support & Intervention: Feel Mobile Application utilizes data from the wristband to provide real-time support and intervention. It contains multiple features for optimizing and improving mental health. These include an emotion-tracking calendar, a mood diary, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy tools which are tailored to and shared with the wearer based on their tracked emotional states.

CBT Therapist: Virtual sessions with a CBT therapist augmented by unbiased data provided by Feel’s Emotion Sensor.

ONLINE Lessons: A series of online lessons about the program and its main features that outlines the essence and highlights the importance of the applied Evidence Based Techniques (CBT, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology). Tutorials on the correct application of the tools and the exercises within the program.

Benefits of the Program:

For Health Plans

For Employers

Improved Customer Satisfaction & Quality of Service

Increased Employee Satisfaction and Reduced Turnover

Increased Access to Mental Health Services

Increased Access to Mental Health Services

Reduced Claims Related To Mental Health

Lower healthcare Costs related to Mental Health

Prevention of Future Mental Health Issues

Higher Productivity


According to the World Health Organization, 450 million people globally suffer from mental disorders. In the US alone, 1 out of 5 adults struggle with mental health, while those disorders cost $467 billion annually to the US economy.

Nowadays, we have an extensive variety of tools to manage and monitor our physical well-being, but we still have nothing to help us with our emotional and mental health. The chosen treatments remain mainly psychotherapy and drugs.  


The solution lies within a new era of Augmented Mental Health, in which emotion recognition technologies will be used to monitor and provide real-time support to people suffering from clinical and subclinical mental health issues. Similar to how a cardiologist uses a blood pressure monitor or how a diabetic uses a glucose monitor, the psychotherapist will use Emotiscopes like Feel to augment the effectiveness of therapy. 

First Product: Feel – World’s First Emotion Sensor & Mental Health Advisor that monitors and recognizes your emotions to help you live a happier life. The emotion-sensing wristband and the app coaches people suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression to better manage their mental health.

Feel exists at the intersection of Affective Computing (Technology) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Theory (Psychology) with the mission to help 100 million people improve and better manage their emotional lives by 2025.

Developed by a team of cross-disciplinary PhD researchers, it consists of 3 parts: The Wristband, Proprietary Algorithms, and the Mobile Application. The Wristband has five integrated bio-sensors that monitor a variety of physiological signals throughout the day, while in the background, Proprietary Algorithms analyze these signals to recognize the wearer’s emotions. The mobile application receives the data from the wristband and monitors the emotions of the user, providing personalized recommendations as well as real-time coaching and intervention based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Through continuous monitoring and real-time coaching and intervention Feel helps you develop deeper emotional awareness and constructively reach emotional and mental health goals.

Company: Sentio Solutions Inc. | Product: Augmented Mental Health Program

HQ: San Francisco, CA | Type: Delaware C-Corp | Founded: July 2015 | Employees: 17

Industry: Augmented Mental Health

AWARDS: "Insurance Shaper of the Year" by EXECinsurtech “2017 | Transformative Technology company” by Transtech

CEO: George Eleftheriou | CTO: Dr. Haris Tsirbas

FINANCING: Stage: Seed | Previous capital: $ 1,8 MLN

Investors: SOSV, Make in LA, NewElevenCapita Anthemis Exponential Ventures