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Booth(s):  11051


We will be glad to welcome Hospital CTOs,CMOs,GMs who look for a “Complete Integrated Mobile Health Solution for Hospitals” on our booth 11051 for our special offer available only during HIMMS18!

  • Medical Archive
  • Digital Campaign Manager
  • Intelligent Medical Search
  • Patient Library
  • Ecommerce
  • Risk Management & Awareness
  • Medication Management
  • HIS,PACs integration
  • Appointment Manager
  • Telemedicine
  • Health Social Network
  • Video Consultancy
  • Personal Health Records
  • Calendar & Reminders
  • Content Management
  • Visual Tracking

Available on Android,iOS & WEB with your branding.

New Product/Service


Press Releases

Medibook has dedicated its resources and expertise in software for digitalization of healthcare on one single solution center for patient, doctors and hospitals. Medibook offers a complete solution for hospitals to deliver patient needs, while decreasing operational effort and related costs apparently. The system aims to consolidate every need of all stake holders while the key design concept is to provide patient an easy to use, sophisticated, “always on their side” solution for all healthcare needs. With Medibook being your integrated patient management mobile solution of your hospital, you’ll offer

  • A “Digital Marketing System” designed to reach “the individual” consolidating and achieve email, SMS, Mobile Notifications and on-site notifications with single platform with complete automation. You can plan who will receive what next 5 years!

  • “Intelligent Medical Search” helping patients and doctors find no matter what terminology is used: I search “flu”, it finds what my doctor recorded as influenza! “Free T3 or FT3?” Does not matter, you’ll find it.

  • A “Medical Archive” specially designed for patient needs for EHR even they are paper!Of course fully integrated to your HIS, PACs, Appointment Manager, Medication Planner etc.

  • A “Library” providing reliable, correct medical information to your patients even when they are not in the hospital. Notifies them “on their needs” when there is something new.

  • A complete solution to track Diabetes, Pregnancy, Cardiology, X-Rays and Injections on one Mobile App, or would you like one app for each?

  • A system that offers self-assessment of risks, create awareness and directly contact risk groups and consult them on next steps! Something that is possible anytime anywhere!

  • Would your patient like to manage his/her Health Social Network? Would you like to reach your patient network? With data and account sharing capability of the system, you both will!

  • Of course all the others that are needed: Ecommerce, Medication Management, Telemedicine, Video Consultancy, Personal Health Records, Personal Calendar, Reminders, Content Management with Approval, Visual Tracking, Digital Campaign Management and any other you would ask us to develop.

The system will be made available in your branding on ready to use iOS, Android, Mobile Site and WEB (Chrome, IE, Safari, Firefox) on license basis.

All HIMMS18 visitors looking for cooperation and co-marketing opportunity of Medibook in USA is welcome to our booth anytime and encouraged to contact our GM via bulent.bingul@medibook.com.tr for a pre HIMMS discussion.