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Medsender is the only platform guaranteed to end 100% of medical record faxing at your hospital.  Find out where your patients and medical records are going and when they are viewed, revoke access anytime.

 With absolutely no IT integration or time consuming onboarding, come stop by our booth to hear what our users have to say about Medsender.

“With Medsender, we’ve been able to replace all medical record faxing for the first time in history,”
— Gina Piccirilli, Manager, Medical Records Department at Ellenville Regional Hospital

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Press Releases

NEW YORK, Dec. 8, 2017 -- Medsender is proud to announce their partnership with Ellenville Regional Hospital. On October 23, 2017, Medsender deployed their digital records sharing software in the hospital's medical records department, making Ellenville Regional Hospital the first hospital to offer this service for its patients. In just one month, the hospital has already saved 1,935 minutes of sharing records as compared to using faxes.

"With Medsender, we've been able to replace all medical record faxing for the first time in history," said Gina Piccirilli, Manager of the Medical Records Department at Ellenville Regional Hospital. "The software is extremely easy to use and requires minimal training for hospital staff."

Medsender's innovative technology ensures that patients and Medical Records staff can always see who accessed a health record and when, with advanced and easy to use audit logs. For senders, Medsender takes less than four seconds to install and requires no custom IT integration and almost no training. Recipients can access medical records without any installation or account signup needed. Per U.S. Department of Health and Human Services guidelines, Medsender implements industry-leading encryption in transit and at rest to keep all communications secure. All information is sent through a HIPAA compliant cloud infrastructure with industry standard firewalls and security.

"With Medsender, medical record sharing is just the beginning. We're really excited about deploying Medsender in even more departments to help our staff take advantage of Medsender's incredible search and categorization functionality," said Steven L. Kelley, FACHE, CEO of Ellenville Regional Hospital. "This technology helps users find the information they need within seconds, without having to jump through any screens or menus."

Medsender CEO, Zain Qayyum, looks forward to this new partnership. "Medsender works to bring health record sharing and examination into the 21st century," said Qayyum. "With our technology, patients can be rest assured that their records are safe and easily accessible to the doctors who are caring for them. For the first time ever, your doctor will know exactly what's going on with your health within seconds – all without patients having to lift a finger."

Founded in Dutchess County, NY, Medsender is a startup with a digital medical record viewing and sharing platform compatible with any electronic medical records (EMR) system. Health records uploaded to Medsender are automatically categorized and sorted to help providers find the information they need within seconds. Medsender was a featured company at Invest for Health at SXSW 2016 in Austin, TX and is on a mission to end 100% of medical record faxing and e-faxing to become the health platform of the future. For more information, visit medsender.com.

Ellenville Regional Hospital
Ellenville Regional Hospital is a 25 bed rural critical access hospital located in Southern Ulster County. The hospital has won numerous State and Federal quality awards and continues to be a leader in healthcare innovation. For more information, visit ellenvilleregional.org.

Media Contact

Tori Mumtaz
Phone: 914-365-7839
Email: press@medsender.com

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