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PATLITE is a global company and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of visual and audible signaling products improving safety, security, and productivity for businesses around the world. Dedicated to the development of quality products companies can rely on, PATLITE employs stringent quality standards to designing the industry’s most comprehensive selection of revolving warning lights, signal tower and work lights, audible alarms and network smart products.

New Product/Service

LA6-POE - Smart, Multi-Color LED Signal Tower
NHL-FV - Network Monitor LED Signal Tower

Press Releases

PATLITE announces the LA6 POE LED Signal Tower - the most advanced, fully customizable signal tower series now with Ethernet (Modbus/TCP UDP) connectivity.  The LA6-POE is able to read and write all necessary data through a network connected Ethernet cable. Also, it supports PoE (Power over Ethernet), so there is no more need for input and output modules for PLCs or running wires. The LA6 series features multi-color LEDs able to display 21 colors, 11 buzzer, animated pattern capabilities (using the internal timer function) and endless flash rate settings to fit users’ unique signaling needs. No longer are users limited to the common 3 or 5 stack lights with preset colored light modules.  Instead the LA6 features clear modules equipped with multi-color LEDs, which enable users to customize the signal tower specifically for their application.

Free, easy to use PC software is available to program the LA6’s light and sound patterns. The LA6 can then be controlled by simple discrete I/O or Modbus/TCP UDP using a PLC to display all the programs from the PC.

The LA6 was designed to solve the drawbacks of traditional stack lights, one drawback being that individual stack light modules can be difficult to see across large plant floors. To fix this issue, the LA6 can be programmed to display one single, solid color throughout the entire unit when an error occurs, making it highly visible even from the farthest ends of a factory.

Another issue with current stack lights is that they only show that an error has occurred, with a single blinking light, and give no additional information. The LA6 can be programmed to show any number of processes with different colors or alarm sounds, including but not limited to: indicating the severity of an error on a machine, showing the progress of a machine process, or visually indicating the depletion of tank fluids in real time. It can even be used in a countdown mode, visually aiding the pace of an assembly line.

Workers can visualize and understand more accurate and detailed machine information at a distance without having to be tethered to an HMI.  This information can be conveyed throughout the plant floor in real time, increasing efficiencies and decreasing the need for more complicated, large-scale capital investments.

The LA6 signal tower has a 60mm diameter, making retrofitting/upgrading using an existing pole or wall mount brackets easy. Other specifications include:

  • Rated Voltage DC24 V
  • 21 colors and 11 alarms per unit
  • 85dB alarm at 1m
  • Operating Ambient Temperature -25° C to +60° C
  • Signal Wire Current Maximum 70mA
  • Protection Rating IP65 (with alarm IP54)
  • 3 LED stack model and 5 LED stack model available.
  • Approvals: UL508, CSA-C22.2 No.14, CE, RoHS, FCC Part 15 Superpart B, Class B
  • Full color LEDs driven by microcomputer in the tower.
  • Rewritable software configurations

There are an endless variety of applications for the LA6 REVOLITE, and it is ideal for the automotive, aerospace, construction, packaging, processing, semiconductor, and medical industries, as well as for airports, retail stores and transportation purposes.

TORRANCE, CA – Patlite introduces LS7-9 Series Signal Light Towers which feature an elegant, smooth surface design that is IP69K rated to withstand high-pressure and high-temperature washdown operations. Additionally, with no exposed screws, shafts or other metals components, the LS7-9 is ideally suited for sanitary environment applications such as the food and beverage industry, as well as equally stringent, harsh industrial settings on machine tools and production equipment. The optional M12 quick disconnect significantly simplifies installation and eliminates the need to extend wires.

“LS7-9 signal towers strike the perfect balance of form and flexibility to deliver an elegant look with functionality that satisfies the signaling needs of a wide range of applications,” says Paul Mizuki, Marketing Manager. “From the streamlined footprint to the smooth surface design, the LS7-9 delivers a truly built-in look, feel and sounds that harmonize with machinery.”

LS7-9 series signal towers feature a state-of-the-art inner lens design that emits a sharper and more efficient LED light than is available with other signal tower designs. Models are available in three or five light tier configurations A durable shock resistant polycarbonate lens ensures long life and reliable operation. An optional 2000 Hz to 3000 Hz alarm emits a sound that can "cut through" the sound from operating machinery that would normally drown out other buzzer sounds. 

PATLITE announces the LR Series of Signal Towers – its first fully modular line of signal towers, available in four industry standard sizes.  The LR series is a complete offering composed of redesigned LED lighting and body base, a re-engineered, fully-enclosed IP65 buzzer, and a modular “twist and lock” system.

Traditional stack lights typically require additional threaded shafts or tools to reconfigure light modules.  With the LR Series, color reorganization and changing the number of light tiers is as easy as twisting modules on and off. If any part of the tower ever has to be replaced, modules, buzzers, terminal blocks, O-rings, and bases can be ordered separately with short lead times.

The materials used to build the LR series have been upgraded from legacy models. The base has been changed from ABS resin to a new polycarbonate resin for enhanced durability, and the O-rings have been upgraded to a silicone resin for an improved seal. These changes have resulted in a more lightweight and shock resistant product. Inspired by the structure of a percussion drum, the new buzzer has been redesigned to be completely sealed, creating a louder, more even sound output. Furthermore, the IP rating has increased from IP54 to IP65 (NEMA Type 4.4X, 13), which can withstand various environmental conditions including dust, water jets and corrosion. The LED light and buzzer modules connect together creating a smooth surface for improved water runoff and easy cleaning.

PATLITE has developed a new lens design for the LR that achieves the most even and efficient light distribution available. The new design is constructed to achieve a more uniform, 360 degree light output. This has effectively doubled the LED intensity (1000 mcd to 2300 mcd) from previous models.

As manufacturing pioneers of the Signal Tower, PATLITE is dedicated to optimizing visual and audible indication for industrial applications by continually rethinking engineering, pushing technological boundaries and delivering products that add tremendous value to any business.  PATLITE has developed the LR series to be a truly complete signal tower line that combines precise form and function.  The LR series not only delivers superior LED light brilliance, but also delivers loud, clear sounds, is simple to install and operate, and carries high protection ratings to withstand harsh environments.

The LR series has a range of common diameters (40mm-70mm), making retrofitting/upgrading using an existing pole or wall mount brackets easy. Other specifications include:

  • Rated Voltage  : DC24V, DC12V (LR5 only), AC100-240V (LR4 and LR6 only)
  • 85dB or 90dB alarm at 1m
  • Four buzzer sounds (including two new sounds) that can be reduced by 10dB if needed.
  • Operating Ambient Temperature -20°C to +50°C
  • Protection Rating IP65 standard (including with alarm).
  • Individual modules, bases and buzzers available for any combination up to 5 stack.
  • Approvals: UL 508, CSA-C22.2 No.14, FCC Part 15 Subpart B Class A, RoHS Directive (EN 50581), EMC Directive (EN 61000-6-4, EN 61000-6-2), KC (KN 61000-6-4, KN 61000-6-2), Low-voltage Directive (IEC/EN 60947-5-1, EN62471) – M2 Type Only

There are an endless variety of applications for the LR Series, and it is ideal for the automotive, aerospace, construction, packaging, processing, semiconductor, and medical industries, as well as for airports, retail stores and transportation purposes.

TORRANCE, CA – Patlite introduces a new addition to it’s NHL Series Network Monitoring Signal Towers, the NHL-FV.  The NHL Series is designed to help maximize productivity and minimize data loss by notifying administrators of any abnormalities on the network as they occur via LED light notifications, audible alarms,e-mail notifications and now MP3 voice messages. 

The NHL-FV featuring MP3 alert functionality along with input/output contacts, adds extra layers of functionality to greatly improve response. The MP3 alerts offers substantial notification flexibility in the form of voice messaging to notify users of specific network or machine events.  The added contact inputs/outputs allows the NHL-FV to add units or switches that were once outside a network to now be connected through ethernet control offering possibilities for further automation.

“The ability to identify a potential network problem and address it before it cripples production is obviously a significant benefit in maximizing productivity and profitability,” says Paul Mizuki, Marketing Manager. “NHL Series signal towers are a cost-effective help in that regard by providing easy-to-read visual status indication of the network when any abnormalities are detected.”

Event monitoring is available via SNMP trapping, pinging and user-background applications. A test switch operates all tower functions directly for simple self diagnosis. Event notification reports are easy to set-up and automatically email multiple users.

Socket transmissions and RSH commands make the NHL Series extremely flexible to support varied application needs. A simple and clean off-white design provides a clean and blends well with equipment in office environments.


Founded in 1947, PATLITE is a leading provider of innovative LED status indicating lights, sound alarms, visual and audible communication network systems and solutions which enhance the safety, security and comfort of workplaces and communities. The company’s products and services help improve the quality control, productivity and safety of industrial automation, commercial, municipal and governmental customers.  PATLITE has more than 600 employees and has wholly-owned sales subsidiaries in the USA, Germany, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and China. For more information visit www.patlite.com, email sales@patlite.com or call 1-888-214-2580.