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Orbita, Inc.

Boston, MA 02210
Booth(s):  8700-13


Orbita leverages voice assistant and AI technologies to improve remote patient monitoring, clinical education, care coordination and research. Developers use Orbita’s platform to design, build and manage digital and conversational solutions across multimodal, omni-channel environments (voice assistants, web sites, mobile phones.) With Orbita, developers enable anyone, regardless of technical skill, to create and maintain engaging, intelligent conversational experiences to improve outcomes, reduce costs and minimize risks of chronic or post-acute healthcare needs.

Press Releases

For immediate release (Issued 2/21/2018)
Contact: Beth Strohbusch, Orbita PR Director, beth@orbita.ai, +1-414-213-8818

MEDIA ALERT:  Why is 2018 the year of voice in healthcare?
How AI-driven conversational experiences are improving home care, clinical trials, chronic care management, patient education, aging in place, etc.

At the Las Vegas - Venetian Convention Center – Connected Health Area (Bellini)

> Can You Heal Me Now? Voice in Healthcare

Wednesday, March 7, 10-10:20 am – Session CH17
Nathan Treloar, President/COO, Orbita
Connected devices promise to make healthcare more efficient. But what of a growing pantheon of lifestyle devices including voice assistants like the Amazon Echo and Google Home? Why is voice a logical next step in the evolution of user experience? Attendees will see demonstrations of conversational agents across multiple web and mobile environments, and learn about voice-first deployments for education, home health, care management and clinical trial research.

> Guided by Voice: Mayo Clinic + Alexa for Consumers

Tuesday, March 6, 3–3:20 pm – Session CH11
Jay Maxwell, Sr. Director of Health Information, Mayo Clinic and Orbita’s Nathan Treloar
Nearly a century ago, Dr. Charles Mayo recognized the indispensable role that health information offered patients. Today, Mayo Clinic is transforming the patient experience by harnessing the power of voice technology. Mayo Clinic First Aid is a skill developed for Amazon Alexa-enabled devices and provides actionable, evidence-based guidance when and where it’s needed most. See how one of the world’s largest academic medical centers approaches voice-first consumer health guidance.

“Most of the recent ‘buzz’ in voice has centered on Alexa. (Consider recent headlines about Amazon doubling down on Alexa development. Yet just last week, a report projected significant uptake of Google's voice device,” said Nathan Treloar, Orbita co-founder and president. “What's to come of Web and mobile communication  Consider these two perspectives.”

> Chatbots Will Serve as Health Assistants from the Medical Futurist Institute
> Will Voice Assistants and Bots Replace Websites and Mobile Apps? from Orbita CEO Bill Rogers

The newest release of Orbita Voice™ will be showcased at HIMSS.  It expands on Orbita’s leadership position in as the first healthcare platform to provide true omni-channel application development and maintenance across multiple voice and conversational AI channels. Watch this video about Orbita Voice

Watch for additional Orbita announcements in coming days including new customers and partners:
> a world-renowned academic medical center making major advances with voice technologies
> a national leader in voice-enabled employer well-being and patient education solutions
> providers of custom care management platforms and devices that embed the power of voice

 Orbita will be at Kiosk #13 in the Bellini Connected Health area. Please visit us during exhibit hours.
> Want a briefing?  Contact Beth Strohbusch, beth@orbita.ai, +1-414-213-8818

For immediate release
Contact: Beth Strohbusch, beth@orbita.ai, +1 (414) 213-8818 or Beth Frost-Johnson, beth@frostjohnson.com, +1 (414) 339 7061

Pillo Health and Orbita partner to deliver engaging voice-first experiences via a first-of-its-kind digital care management platform for the home

Debuting at HIMSS, the Pillo care management platform offers a patient-friendly interface for health organizations to engage with patients and deliver quality care directly in the home

Boston, MA – February 23, 2018 – Pillo Health announced today that it is partnering with Orbita to create and manage powerful interfaces for the company’s care management platform and Pillo device,  a first-of-its-kind in-home companion robot dedicated to healthcare. Pillo sits at the center of the company’s care management platform and uses AI algorithms to proactively engage with patients, improve therapy adherence, and deliver personalized care for adults living with chronic conditions, allowing them to healthier and more independent lives.

Leveraging the power of voice experiences, artificial intelligence and data analytics, Pillo assists users with complex therapy regimens, encourages adherence to provider-directed care plans, enables connectivity to care teams, and captures valuable health data from inside the home.  Healthcare organizations and caregivers who deliver and manage care in the home use Pillo to reduce costs associated with improving personal and population health outcomes.

The Pillo companion robot will make “its” debut on the HIMSS 2018 exhibit floor at the Pillo Health Booth #10232 in Las Vegas, March 6-9. Orbita will showcase its technology in the Connected Experience Area, Booth #8700-13.   

“The Pillo companion device is unlike any other in-home care management product. Pillo serves as a 24 x 7 in-home extension of the care team to accompany a patient at every point on their care journey,” said Emanuele Musini, Pillo Health CEO. “Combining voice-first technology with algorithms and architecture dedicated to healthcare is critical to optimizing the power of Pillo as an intelligent in-home care assistant. Hands-down, Orbita has emerged as healthcare’s leading voice platform provider and we’re thrilled to work with their team of experts to deliver on our joint vision of improved healthcare delivery.”

Orbita President Nathan Treloar said, “Pillo holds great potential as a highly robust entrant in the world of artificially intelligent in-home digital assistants. We’re seeing rapid advances in voice, AI and analytics to bring healthcare to a whole new level. We appreciate the opportunity to work with Pillo Health, a company that truly understands and is seizing new technologies to help people live healthier and more independent lives.”

Request a HIMSS briefing with PIllo by contacting Beth Strohbusch, beth@orbita.ai

Orbita Explainer Video: See Orbita in Action
Just as every business rushed to develop a website -- and rushed to develop mobile apps -- now businesses are rushing to harness the simplest, fastest way to interact with technology. Voice. Is your business ready?

Will Voice Assistants and Bots Replace Websites and Mobile Apps?
A video from Bill Rogers, Orbita Cofounder/CEO

Natural language refers to the way humans communicate with each other.  Namely, speech and text. For computers, natural language used to be hard because it is messy, full of nuance and context. Only in the last few years has it been possible with Deep Learning AI and Natural Language Processing to extract the meaning out of speech or text with high accuracy. Bots and Voice Assistants are becoming the new way we interact with technology. 

The market penetration of smart speaker for US households is growing at a staggering rate.  For one reason users love them because saying what you want, is effortless and is hands-free.  For tech-phobic people, it eliminates the tech barrier, since everyone knows how to ask a question, and when you don’t know what to say after a few seconds the voice assistant can guide you. 


Boston, MA – February 27, 2018 – Orbita, Inc., a leading provider of digital experience management solutions for voice and conversational AI technologies in health and wellness applications, and Mayo Clinic have formed a relationship to deliver Mayo Clinic health and wellness content to help transform the patient journey through education, engagement and improved quality of care. The synergy between Orbita’s powerful voice platform and Mayo’s leading content gives organizations the ability to reach, engage and empower audiences in new and different ways to positively impact lives.

In a time of rapid development of health care applications for voice assistants, chat bots, and medical devices, this unique collaboration offers health and wellness organizations access to a complete voice experience management platform with content from one of the world’s top health care organizations.

“Millions of people trust Mayo Clinic to deliver expert, comprehensive care, as well as credible health knowledge and expertise,” said Sandhya Pruthi, M.D., associate medical director, Mayo Clinic Global Business Solutions. “Leveraging Orbita’s technology and expertise, we can extend beyond the traditional digital channels of web and mobile to enable meaningful, content-driven conversations at the time and place information is needed. Voice is a powerful interface for providing useful, practical, evidence-based information that supports overall health and wellness goals.”

According to Orbita President Nathan Treloar, early deployments of voice assistive and conversational solutions in healthcare are showing positive results, with powerful data demonstrating better patient adoption and engagement especially among high-risk populations. “Orbita is thrilled to collaborate with Mayo Clinic, one of the world’s most respected health care organizations, to deliver their expert content into voice applications that improve consumer education, patient care coordination and clinical efficiency.”

This relationship between Orbita and Mayo Clinic creates an opportunity for both organizations to more effectively curate, transform, optimize and deliver Mayo Clinic content via relationships each has with organizations seeking to more effectively engage with consumers and patients.

Orbita will be demonstrating this integrated solution with Mayo Clinic at HIMSS 2018 in Las Vegas, March 5-8th in the Connected Health Experience area.

About Orbita
Orbita provides digital solutions that leverage next-generation voice assistant and AI technologies to vastly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of remote patient monitoring, clinical education, care delivery, and research. Developers use Orbita’s platform to design, build, and manage digital and conversational healthcare solutions across multi-modal, omni-channel environments including voice assistants, web sites and mobile phones.  With Orbita, developers can enable anyone, regardless of technical skill, to easily create and maintain highly engaging, intelligent conversational experiences that help improve health outcomes, reduce costs, and minimize risks.


Beth Strohbusch, Orbita, 414-213-8818, beth@orbita.ai
Joe O’Keefe, Mayo Clinic Public Affairs, 507-284-5005, newsbureau@mayo.edu