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Q-nomy Inc. is a leading provider of patient journey and patient throughput optimization solutions. Q-nomy's Q-Flow Care Delivery Planning And Real-Time Orchestration Platform enables healthcare providers to improve patient satisfaction, reduce operational waste and shorten time to payment, while complementing current investments like EHR solutions.

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Q-Flow OR Planner

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Q-nomy's new "OR Planner" streamlines medical centers processes for surgery scheduling, enabling optimal resource allocation and staff preparedness in the OR and in departments handling pre- and post-operation procedures.

Q-nomy, a leading global provider of patient journey and patient experience optimization solutions, today announced the launch of OR Planner, a Q-Flow add-on application that enables healthcare providers, hospitals, and medical centers to significantly cut expenses and improve their OR throughput by optimizing the allocation and utilization of resources.

OR Planner manages the various stages involved in the planning of surgeries — from the initial assessment of a patient's need for surgery, through preliminary rule-based room scheduling and resource allocation, to the final approval of the detailed plan. The software interface is clear and intuitive and provides users with the most current, synchronized data as well as real-time notifications and additional pertinent information. Thus, OR Planner significantly reduces operational waste, and greatly enhances both the patient and staff experience.

OR Planner is a robustly scalable solution, capable of handling sites with multiple operating rooms. It can be configured with ease to adapt to different workflows and to meet the needs of different clinical specialties.

"Healthcare providers aiming to transform their operating rooms to value-based-care operational facilities will find OR Planner particularly effective", says Lior Miller, Chief Healthcare Solution Architect at Q-nomy – "With this solution, OR managers can create one cohesive plan, taking into consideration every parameter, every resource, and all the valuable data from incumbent EHR and ERP systems."

OR Planner joins an existing range of Q-nomy software solutions targeting healthcare providers, including solutions for Emergency Departments, Outpatient Clinics, Radiotherapy, Oncology Daycare and more. OR Planner runs on Q-nomy's Q-Flow® software platform and is now available to Q-Flow users on Q-nomy's Q-Market applications store.

Q-nomy's software solution enables true omnichannel patient journey optimization, merging the patient’s digital engagement with the in-facility care path into one cohesive optimized journey.

Q-nomy, a leading global provider of patient journey and patient experience optimization solutions, today announced it will present its latest innovations at the HIMSS18 Conference & Exhibition taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 5–9, 2018.

At the core of Q-nomy's software offering lies the Q-Flow® patient-centric BPM engine, a powerful, open-source platform enabling rapid development of patient journey optimization solutions and their commercialization through Q-nomy's application marketplace.

Q-nomy's solutions target organizations such as general hospitals and medical centers, mental healthcare providers, clinics, labs and pharmacies.

"The Healthcare Provider enterprise environment is challenging, dynamic and complex, so a solution has to be highly scalable and flexible in order to succeed and attain long-term goals", says Lior Miller, Chief Healthcare Solution Architect at Q-nomy – "The Q-Flow platform is exactly that. It enables our customers and partners to deliver superb patient-centric solutions, while empowering users with advanced tools and workflows."

Q-nomy continues to focus on improving patient experience and operational efficiency with recent releases such as AI-based chatbotsfor the use of patients and staff, and Q-Flow OR Planner that enables healthcare providers to transform ORs into highly optimized, value-based operations.

Q-nomy's new myVisit Chatbot enables customers to book their in-store appointments by conversing with an AI agent. The myVisit Chatbot can be integrated with existing customer service bots.

Chatbots are currently the hottest trend in B2C communications, offering customers the benefit of freely conversing with the business without having to wait for a human agent to become available, thus providing great savings to the business compared with agent interactions.

"Q-nomy's chatbot is a natural extension of our omnichannel customer-journey management offering", says Eran Reuveni, Executive VP at Q-nomy – "it enables businesses to convert digital leads, or any unresolved chatbot conversation, to face-to-face interactions where human agents can ensure customer satisfaction and sell more relevant products. The chatbot technology we use ensures this conversion is swift and cost-effective as possible."

Q-nomy already offers an entire suite of solutions for omnichannel journey optimization, including enterprise appointment scheduling software, online and mobile self-service applications, and other back-office and customer-facing components, all based on its Q-Flow software platform. The myVisit Chatbot is an add-on to this software suite, and as of today is available to every organization using the Q-Flow platform.