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HealthEC is a KLAS-recognized population health management company, integrating data from hundreds of EHRs, labs, claims submissions and other sources. A powerful and robust analytics engine identifies provider-specific patterns and guides patient care interventions for better outcomes, lower cost utilization and a positive ROI for their clients. HealthEC helps IPAs, CINs, ACOs, health systems and payers improve care coordination and reduce the cost of care.

Press Releases

HealthEC’s provider customers have—by a wide margin—deployed more abilities than any other customer base in this report

PISCATAWAY, N.J.—October 12, 2017— KLAS’ newly published Population Health Management 2017, Part 1: Validating Adoption of PHM Functionality report highlights HealthEC as one of the most broadly  deployed and deeply adopted Population Health Management (PHM) vendor in the healthcare marketplace today.

The KLAS report stated the following about HealthEC:

“Due to recent, prolific development from HealthEC, customers have—by a wide margin—deployed more abilities than any other customer base in this report….HealthEC customers have most consistently deployed the highest number of different functionalities identified in this framework. HealthEC’s strong relationships combined with flexible, robust functionality encourage this broad adoption.”

“Customers describe the process of maintaining data feeds as fairly painless and feel that HealthEC makes data aggregation easy. HealthEC is also praised for having robust data analysis tools that help providers get a good picture of a patient’s care. HealthEC’s tools are described as powerful and simple to use. Customers praise HealthEC for being very flexible and easy to work with.”

KLAS Research has tracked the development of value-based care and the related evolution of PHM technology for the past five years. This report’s PHM framework is based on the following six areas of functionality, and provides an early look at which of those core competencies have been deployed by vendors’ most advanced healthcare customers:

  1. Data Aggregation: Compiling data from disparate sources necessary for understanding the health of a population (e.g., claims, EMR, pharmacy, ADT)
  2. Data Analysis: Stratifying a population across risk factors and facilitating communication through reports, benchmarking, and predictive analytics
  3. Care Management: Enabling care managers to track, plan, and coordinate care for a population while also tracking the care managers themselves
  4. Administrative / Financial Reporting: Dashboards and reporting used by executives to analyze financial and clinical results
  5. Patient Engagement: Securely communicating with patients, tracking outreach, and keeping patients informed of results
  6. Clinician Engagement: Enabling physicians to use PHM data at the point of care and tracking that utilization.

"We’re thrilled that KLAS Research’s findings called out our advanced population health management capabilities and deep provider adoption,” said Arthur Kapoor, President and CEO of HealthEC. “Only a year ago we were the industry’s ‘best kept secret’ having prioritized investments in product development. The KLAS report affirms our making the right decision. Our easy-to-use workflow-driven tools turn data into insights that help physicians vastly improve patients’ lives while saving organizations millions of dollars.”

This recognition follows KLAS’ acknowledgement of HealthEC as a "most promising" vendor in their Population Health Performance Report released at the end of 2016.

Kapoor views the 2017 report’s findings  as an indication of a positive shift in the PHM landscape.

“As the KLAS report reveals, our wide deployment across verticals and functionality stands out in a very competitive space that includes electronic medical record vendors,” he said. “Volumes of data are largely going untapped at many provider organizations. Our approach is simple. We focus on patient-centric data integration as the first step in building an infrastructure to support analytics. Providers armed with this data visibility can determine the best care and cost management strategies to make more informed decisions.”

About KLAS

KLAS is a research and insights firm with a global mission to improve healthcare delivery by amplifying the provider's voice. Working with thousands of healthcare professionals and clinicians, KLAS gathers data and insights on software, services, and medical equipment to deliver timely reports, trends, and statistical overviews. The research directly represents the provider voice and acts as a catalyst for improving vendor performance. Follow KLAS on Twitter.

About HealthEC
HealthEC is a KLAS-recognized Population Health Management Company integrating data from hundreds of EHRs, laboratory systems, payers’ claim submissions, HIEs, data warehouses, and other sources to improve patient outcomes, manage costs, and optimize patient quality of life for its customers. The company’s clinical analytics identify provider-specific patterns that guide patient care interventions for better Care Coordination activities and outcomes, lower cost resource utilization, and maximum reimbursement. To learn more, visit our website, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or call 800-444-0278, ext. 1500.

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