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Empowering patients and health care professionals to manage medications together, the iRxReminder platform has three components:

  1. Our IoT Pill dispenser, iLidRx is pharmacy filled and connects to smart devices for reminders
  2. Our cloud-based iRxControl Center is used by the healthcare team to deploy regimens and get iLidRx use information back in real time.
  3. Patients utilize our apps for medication support, symptom reporting, and patient education.
Simply Hold, Place, and Tilt™ to dispense and the pod automatically records the dispense and shares it with the app and healthcare team.

New Product/Service

iLidRx pill dispensing pod

Press Releases

Cleveland, [Dec 15, 2017]– Cleveland-based iRxReminder has received a $260,000 award from the National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Mental Health Division, to continue development and commercialization of its medication adherence and monitoring platform.

“The need for a therapeutic adherence solution has been growing for years,” said Dr. Anthony Sterns, founder and CEO of iRxReminder. “Traditional medication reminding technologies can easily be ignored and generally lack the support and empowerment patients need to want to adhere to a plan. The iRxReminder platform changes the way medication is managed and reduces the need for hospitalization. We are excited to work with the NIH/NIMH to solve one of medicine’s difficult problems, therapeutic adherence.”

The iRxReminder platform, consisting of three components, empowers patients to achieve high medication adherence while improving communication and interaction with the entire care community, connecting patients with pharmacists, nurses, physicians, and therapists, to ensure continued independence and wellness. The platform also helps to eliminate dosing errors. 

The three platform components include:

  1. The iRxControl Center - The cloud-based iRxControl Center is used by the healthcare team to deploy regimens and get information back in real time.
  2. The iRxCapture Pro App – The iRxCapture Pro app is the component of the iRxReminder platform that patients utilize for medication support, symptom reporting, and patient education. Unlike most reminding devices, the iRxCapture Pro only alerts when the patient truly forgets to take his/her medicine.
  3. The iLidRx Pill Dispenser - Pill dispensing and monitoring are done with the iLidRx, the iRxReminder IoT (Internet-of-Things) pill dispensing pod. The pod is the platform’s unique component. It’s simple for pharmacists to load and program, and simple for the patient to use. Simply Hold, Place, and Tilt™ to dispense, and the pod automatically records the event and shares it, first with the app and then with the healthcare team through the cloud.

Each medication has a dosing window, so the patient can take the medication on-time. At the middle of the dosing window plus 5 additional minutes, the patient gets an alert. This alert can be shared, pushed to a watch or other wearable, or to a TV or other display as well.

About iRxReminder

After 10-years+ of research, Dr. Anthony Sterns founded iRxReminder as a direct result of caring for people living with dementia and seeing first-hand how many lose their independence from failing to manage their medication.  The iRxReminder platform – iRxControl Center, iRxCapture Pro App, and iLidRx pill dispenser – was created to address “therapeutic adherence” and improve the communication and interaction between patient and clinician(s) to ensure independence and wellness, and to reduce medical and dispensing errors. For more information go to www.irxreminder.com.