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Featured Speakers

Alex Azar

Invited to Speak - Secretary @ Health and Human Services

Chris Christie

Former Governor of the State of New Jersey

Gianrico Farrugia

President and CEO @ Mayo Clinic

Garth Graham

Vice President, Community Health & Impact, CVS Health @ President, Aetna Foundation

Tessa Gjoedesen

Chief Innovation Officer @ Odense University Hospital

George Halvorson

Chairman and CEO @ Institute For Intergroup Understanding

Eric Hargan

Deputy Secretary @ Health and Human Services

Rod Hochman

President and CEO @ Providence

Arianna Huffington

Founder & CEO @ Thrive Global

Terry McAuliffe

Former Governor of the State of Virginia @ Former Chairman of the Democratic National Committ

Shannan Moynihan

Deputy Chief Medical Officer @ NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center

Michael Rogers

Former Director @ National Security Agency

Alex Rodriguez

Founder & CEO @ A-Rod Corp

Donald Rucker

National Coordinator for Health Information Technology @ Department of Health and Human Services

Päivi Sillanaukee

Director General @ Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland

Seema Verma

Invited to Speak - Administrator @ Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services